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We were sad when we learned that Moody’s on McGehee would be closing. This news is extra painful for businesses near Moody’s in the Gay Meadows shopping center. We will be profiling some of those businesses over the coming weeks and encourage you to support them in this difficult time of transition.

As people really interested in giving our money to in-town businesses, we we felt rather tardy in finally going to Wet Pets (3010 McGehee Road). For a few years, we’d been driving out to the Boulevard (or worse) for our various pet needs (which are legion, given the demanding nature of our household’s furry prima donnas). Then our vet, the incomparable Charles McLemore (of Montgomery Veterinary Associates), told us about Wet Pets (3010 McGehee Rd.). Sure, we’d seen it a million times, but, based on the name, one of us felt sure that it must be a place for purchasing fish, while the other thought it was a pet grooming and bathing establishment. Turns out that we were both right and then some.

This January 29th, Wet Pets will have been open for forty years in the same location. Forty years! When Wet Pets started selling fish and equipment for keeping them, All in the Family was premiering on network television (which was the only kind of television), and the U.S. was still neck deep in a land war in Southeast Asia. As time went on, the Soviet Union fell, Montgomery changed dramatically, and Wet Pets expanded from the fish-only business to sell equipment for all kinds of pets.

These days, wandering the narrow aisles of the store can make you remember the wonderful pets of your past. Everything you would have wanted to build the most epic Habitrail in history for your beloved fourth grade hamsters can be had here. And there are beautiful multicolored birds just hanging around next to all the seed bells and colorful cages — in case you might want to take one home. We may be biased, but these birds seemed considerably happier and more organized than the sad birds crammed into multilevel condos in Eastside stores.

In the front, Wet Pets stocks basically all the cat and dog supplies you might reasonably want. One difference between Wet Pets and the big boxes out east is that the selection is smaller. That’s because the selection here is expertly curated. As a bonus, it’s reasonably and competitively priced.

Wet Pets has a grooming operation in the back – evidently very successful and very popular among folks in the neighborhood. We will definitely be coming here when the new dog (absurdly fluffy) needs a summer cut.

Also in the back are the eponymous wet pets – tanks and tanks of flashy and well-lit fishes darting around to catch your eye. You could take some home in one of the tanks Wet Pets also sells, ranging from the small to the elaborately gigantic. There are also tiny turtles, labeled “for educational purposes only.” Evidently this is because turtles can carry salmonella, so they must be labeled in this way to educate buyers about the risks. We’d never known turtles this cute could be dangerous in any way, so we appreciated the education.

We bought a big water bowl for the new dog, who drinks a LOT of water, and some grass seeds for our greens-loving cat. We may be late to learn about the charms of Wet Pets, but we’ll be coming back for all our dry and wet pet-related needs.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with a cat, a dog, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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