MML Contest Winner Announced!

Thanks to the keen eye and determination of a Midtown Mom, one young man is getting a very nice gift this Christmas.

Heather Coleman won a brand new Flip video camera in the Midtown Montgomery Living contest by being able to correctly identify every one of the letters picked from various signs from around Midtown.

Coleman lives in South Hull and plans to give the camera to her nine-year-old son for Christmas. The gift-to-be is the product of some pretty serious detective work.

“My husband and I were able to guess about 15 of them right off the bat,” Coleman said. “But we narrowed it down to about four that were pretty tough. I drove around some one day before lunch, and got it down to the last two, the “B” in Michael’s Table and the “U” in Cafe Louisa.”

Coleman has lived in Midtown for over 15 years, giving her substantial experience training her sharp skills to recognize central Montgomery  surroundings.

“We try to visit Midtown shops and restaurants as much as possible, so I knew that we’d be able to get several of them,” Coleman said. “But it’s funny that two of the last ones to get were two of the places we visit most often. It was sort of a matter of judging the color and the angle of comparing the pictures on the website to the actual signs.”

Coleman, a professional writer who currently, among other projects, writes profiles for an online dating site, said she took her phone with her as she scanned Midtown signage while working on her contest entry.

“I was able to call up the MML webpage and just compare the image on the phone to the sign I was looking at,” she said.

Sandra Nickel, sponsor of the contest, said she was glad to give the camera away to someone with an attention to Midtown detail.

“To me, hearing that someone tries to shop in Midtown and spend their money locally and in the neighborhood, that’s just music to my ears,” Nickel said. “Spending your money at locally-owned places ensures that 65 to 70 cents of every dollar gets spent again back into the local community.”

Whether Coleman’s son uses his new video camera to make memorable movies is yet to be determined, but if he has his mom’s sharp eye for detail, chances are pretty good.

If readers of MML would like to submit other ideas for contests … or just other ideas for driving business to Midtown enterprises, please let us know. We’ll try to have contests and various interactive events here at MML on and off, in hopes that you’ll keep coming back and recommending us to your friends. Please add us on Facebook if you haven’t already and encourage other folks to do so. We’ll keep posting and look forward to your readership into the new year.

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  1. Jay Croft says:


    I identified only the “h” in Stonehenge.” But I admit, I’m not much of a consumer, For example, I’ve had the same vacuum cleaner for over 25 years!

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