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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the federal stimulus funds. Some see them as a money-wasting intervention into the free market. Others see them as valuable attempts to save the economy and create jobs. But for most people, the conversation remains an abstraction — something to be sorted out on newspaper opinion pages and in barber shops or around office water coolers.

But residents of Midtown Montgomery are about to get a firsthand look at what happens when the federal government partners with state and local officials to improve an area. As noted on the state’s official stimulus webpage, the feds are putting up roughly half a million dollars for some streetscape work on Cloverdale Road near the old A&P Lofts (over by Derk’s Filet & Vine). And to us, the project looks awesome. But don’t take our word for it, check out the details of the project below.

And before you get to the drawings, a few details: The project is being called the Cloverdale Village Streetscape Project. The city has awarded the contract to Ground & Pipe Construction, LLC, a Montgomery based company. Asphalt is going to get ripped up any day now and the whole thing is expected to comprise two phases, totaling 90 days of construction. First, Graham Street will be closed north of Cloverdale Road for resurfacing and general upheaval (sidewalks! landscaping! actual parking spaces!). That will last for 30 days. Then, Cloverdale Road itself will be in for a makeover for the following 60 days. It’s going to get trees, storm drains, big sidewalks, street pavers, and all kinds of little touches.

During the last phase, there will be limited traffic on the road, but hopefully this won’t reduce our ability to support the businesses in there (as if anything could stop us from going to Derk’s on a regular basis). Mindful consumers who care about local merchants will do their best to minimize the economic impact that the construction project will have on the businesses there.

We learned about the project when Historic Southview’s Oliver Smyth came to our neighborhood association to present the drawings and details. We found the drawings so interesting that we wanted to share them with our readers, just as we did with the Smartcode documents we’ve archived on another part of the site. There are four drawings here. Some of them are quite large and all are PDFs. You can view smaller versions of those images in the gallery below or download each file individually by clicking on their links here:  Site Plan, Site Details, Landscape Plan, Traffic Control Plan.

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  1. ed says:

    I would like to congratulate Oliver Smyth and Historic Southview for working hard and
    meeting their goal.

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