Cloverdale Pub Crawl

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It’s going to be a cold night here in Cloverdale, but we survived the Big Storm the other day, even though some of our trees didn’t make it, so it’s time to celebrate. With booze, of course, and discounted food, and three hours of movie previews at the Capri. That’s right. Three hours of movie previews. We haven’t been to any of the RSVP-sponsored bar crawls before – schedule conflicts, mostly, nothing against the organizers – but tonight we may be unable to resist the siren song of free popcorn and three hours of movie previews. Sure, there are other specials too, as the picture below shows, but who among us will be unable to resist the constant deep-voiced promotion of various movies, all in tiny increments?

Evidently the fun starts at six, with wristbands available for purchase ($5) by Sinclair’s or the Cloverdale Service Center on Cloverdale Road. Wristbands get you various drink specials, discounts, and THREE HOURS OF MOVIE PREVIEWS.

Somehow, shopping is just more fun when there are a ton of people milling about. Maybe it stimulates something in that lizard part of your brain where you are snatching up bargains amid the mob, even though you are all paying the same prices. But still, it is a lot of fun and the sales do encourage spending.

We may not live in a place that can put on a pub crawl like, say, Dublin. But Montgomery’s got its own set of spots into which you can stumble. Come on out. Show those tornadoes that you’re not afraid of having a little fun!


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