Old House Expo Celebrates Historic Neighborhood Living

May is designated National Preservation Month by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and this year’s theme is Discover America’s Hidden Gems.

Montgomery, like many communities from coast to coast, is filled with unexplored historic treasures — and May’s the month to celebrate them! Decades ago, here in Montgomery, a few neighborhood preservationists put their heads together to come up with a new and innovative way to spark interest in revitalizing Montgomery’s historic Midtown neighborhoods. The first Saturday of May offered informative workshops about historic neighborhoods, local architectural styles, period interiors, and many assorted how-to projects for older homes. The first Sunday became Old House Expo, a “Parade of Homes” for older homes that were available for purchase. Through the years, several notable historic homes have been saved and the property values in historic Midtown neighborhoods have risen and stabilized. Many neighborhood folks have bought their first home after seeing it on the Expo and as their families expanded, purchased larger homes within the Midtown area as well.

Now, each year, we diehard neighborhood preservationists mark our calendars for Old House Expo. This year it’s on Sunday, May 6. With map in hand, we beat the streets oohing and aahing over neat interior renovations, awesome landscaping and gardens, attractive paint schemes and decorating ideas from these homes for sale. And we visit with folks we only see once a year on this particular Sunday, all of us old house lovers and decorating dreamers.

The event is annually sponsored by the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors® and features homes that are in historic neighborhoods and over 50 years old. The dates of construction for this year’s lineup of Expo houses span from 1914 to 1952. Prices range from $75,000 to $399,900 with something for everyone. There is no charge for this fun event, and the homes can be toured in any order — with folks in each home to answer any questions you may have about the Expo house. The houses listed below are marked on the map above; you can download a PDF copy of the map by clicking here.

  1. 2263 Country Club (Greater McGehee)        $145,000         circa 1947
  2. 2224 Country Club (Greater McGehee)        $350,000         circa 1941
  3. 1833 Galena (Old Cloverdale)                        $399,900         circa 1915
  4. 1942 Graham (Old Cloverdale)                       $213,000         circa 1930
  5. 965 Cloverdale (Old Cloverdale)                    $279,900         circa 1930
  6. 3318 LeBron (Cloverdale Idlewild)                $112,900         circa 1935
  7. 3336 LeBron (Cloverdale Idlewild)                $195,000         circa 1927
  8. 369 Winthrop Court (Garden District)          $199,900         circa 1914
  9. 1333 S. Perry (Garden District)                     $200,000         circa 1930
  10. 2143 Madison Avenue (Capitol Heights)      $135,000         circa 1930
  11. 3061 Pelzer (Rosemont Heights)                    $ 75,000          circa 1952

The Old House Expo has been one of Montgomery’s most effective historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization tools, creating awareness for our rich inventory of homes in our historic neighborhoods. Check out the Old House Expo on Sunday afternoon, May 6, from 1:00 until 5:00 and help us ensure that our local treasures will be protected for future generations. For more information, call 334.834.1500.

Carole King (not the singer, just the hummer) enjoys midtown living from South Capitol Parkway in Capitol Heights where she has lived for 25+years. Carole has been the historic properties curator for the Landmarks Foundation that manages Old Alabama Town for 28 years and is passionate about neighborhoods, their architectural character, their people, and their preservation!

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