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There’s still a month left in spring, even though you wouldn’t know it from the weather. So, in anticipation, here at MML we’re thinking summer. Already, Heather Coleman’s explored options for young people in town, but we haven’t yet thought about what kind of trouble we might like to get in this summer ourselves. Calendars fill up fast, especially when you factor in time to see family and friends and take the occasional work trip, so we thought we’d sit down for a minute and set out our major Montgomery goals for the summer of 2012.

1. See more Biscuits games. Did you know that Sunday is Biscuits mascot Big Mo’s birthday? For our money, we can’t get enough of the team’s confusing and often invisible mascot. Why is a lumpy anteater the mascot? Do anteaters like biscuits? Do they even live in Alabama? Why isn’t Monty Montgomery (the biscuit) our mascot? Did his rich, buttery tongue get cut out in the anti-fats craze of the 1980s? Seriously, we do wish Mo the best for the coming year, and we’d like to see more of him – especially as longtime Biscuits staple Mickey (the on-the-field master of ceremonies) has evidently gone off to Italian clown school Italian art school Italy.

The team itself is on a roll after a rocky start. We were somewhat down on Shane Dyer after watching him get shelled early in the season. But now he’s gone up to Durham with Henry Wrigley and Cole Figueroa. Promotions! Next summer, we are definitely going to North Carolina to see a game but for this year, we will be happy to root for the home team. Here’s hoping they have another one of those “bring your dog to the park” days again … and that they can stay over .500!

2. See more local music. Although we’ve eaten at the Capitol Oyster Bar several times since they opened at the old Marina spot, it’s never for dinner or music. That’s a shame, because they seem to bring in a whole raft of serious talent down there. We will remember to bring bug spray and not make too many jokes about the fact that their riverboat is sunk, making an unsightly (and polluting) mess.

Summer is also the perfect season for Sunday Night Jazz over at our local staple 1048. The spot gets hot, literally and otherwise, when folks crowd in for serious music. On any given Sunday, you’re as likely to see a chilled out Hall of Fame type as you are a high school student trying to look calm as they take the stage. Highly recommended.

3. Spend some time in Oak Park. It’s one of the city’s classic destinations, and a nice place to go for a walk with your dog. We might take our growing stack of unread books over there and do some outdoor reading. We’d like to see someone use those horseshoe pits sometime, and we are definitely going to make some time to go to the planetarium. It is frankly impossible to believe that we have not yet been to the planetarium, but there you have it, dear readers. We will make amends and provide an astronomical report.

4. Go back to the Dragonboat Festival. Sure, we’re not planning to do any rowing ourselves, but we enjoy watching the annual races at the river, and now that there’s a bar down there, it promises to be even better. We hope that band the Signals will be back with their blistering version of Neil Young’s “Cortez The Killer.”

5. Keep up with city events. We haven’t even been to the city’s Second Saturday events down at the riverfront, but we plan to hit one or more. We hear they have been really fun. Also, every year we seem to be out of town on July 4, which is too bad, because our neighborhood association has a parade and there are always cool fireworks shows and “staycations” put on by the city. Maybe this year. At the very least, we promise to stay abreast of things and let you know as we hear more.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with a cat, a dog, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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  1. Jay Croft says:

    Yes, there’s an anteater in Montgomery. A live one. In the zoo.

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