SugrueBAR…coming soon to Midtown?

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The new BAR's logo

So you know how the M. Bagwell shop on Fairview’s been brown-papered up for a little while? If you were like us, you just thought perhaps they were going through one of their periodic re-orientations for new seasonal merch.

Nope. It turns out that there’s a plan to put a 99-seat bar in that site. A “semi-authentic Irish Pub” called “SugrueBAR.” The all-caps BAR at the end of the name should give you a hint that it’s brought to you by the same folks behind AlleyBAR and SandBAR. So now the Five Points business district will have six bars if you count El Rey, seven if you count Tomatino’s (dubious, who goes to Tomatino’s just to drink?).

This did seem to us like an improbably high concentration of bars in our little neighborhood. I mean, we’ve been known to have a drink or three, but are there really so many people who want to come over here and drink?

We asked around. Some people shrugged their shoulders and made the point that the neighborhood is turning itself more into an “entertainment district” with the addition of the Cloverdale Playhouse and the expansion of The Capri (with searchlights!). Others raised at least one eyebrow, noting that the big news this week from the Advertiser was that 78 Dexter was becoming a branch of a chain of Irish pubs. Still others thought it was great for the neighborhood and for business, especially if the place was fitted up and improved. What do you think, Midtown? Ready for SugrueBAR?


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There Are 10 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Jay Croft says:

    99-seat bar in that small space? May the saints deliver us!

    Speaking of the Irish–here’s the Fightin’ Irish–

    • Stephen says:

      The logo has four kinds of wild animals and a sword, a sure sign of quality.

      • Jay Croft says:

        Yeah. The schizophrenic beast in the lower right seems to be chasing down Bambi.

        And the two lions are spoiling for a fight, while the snake prepares to referee them.

        But . . . but . . . there are no snakes in Ireland!

        • Mr Curmudgeon says:

          Yes let’s all make fun of the Sugrue family Coat of Arms. It’s not like it’s part of a cultural heritage that has been passed down for generations.

          I mean who cares about peoples heritage or cultural traditions anyway?

          All I know is this sounds like something new, and I’m afraid of it, So I’ll decide I don’t like it without giving it a fair chance!

  2. Heather says:

    Is Fairview considered Midtown? I have lived in Forest Hills for 27 years and would not consider Fairview as part of Midtown.

  3. Sarah says:

    I must say I’m a little torn with this news. While, as a former resident of Atlanta, I’ve been praying for a real Irish or British pub in Montgomery with REAL imports on draft, I’m not too excited about the fact that the people of AlleyBAR are in charge of this one. I had really high hopes for SandBAR, but it has been a huge disappointment with crabby “bartenders” and a horrible drink “selection”. My hopes for this “Irish” pub are not very high. I think i’ll be walking to the the chain at Dexter and Perry or heading over to LeRoy.

  4. Jay Croft says:

    Sarah, do you really want to give your business to the 78 Dexter place, knowing that they deliberately planted a vertical post at the curb cut, so persons in wheelchairs cannot get in?

    • Mr Curmudgeon says:

      Deliberately? Where do you get your info?

      1st off, the tenant has nothing to do with the construction, so your argument is parallel to boycotting your locally owned BP gas station b/c of the oil spill. Punishing the wrong party.

      2nd, Do you think someone has some personal reason to hate people with disabilities so much so that they disobey a federally mandated law inorder to keep ‘their kind’ out? Ridiculous. When these things happen it is almost always an oversight, and if it actually doesn’t meet code, then building inspectors wouldn’t let them proceed.

      What doesn’t get discussed is how the developer tried to buy the adjacent building and adjoin them into one parcel so he could resolve the egress issue in the interior. Well the person holding that property decided they’d continue to hold it, because for some reason that’s what some people prefer to progress in revitalization efforts.

    • Sarah says:

      1. Yes the original plan of the design was better than what the did.
      2. I don’t have a problem with the staircase.
      3. It’s a staircase. Move on.

  5. Jay Croft says:

    Curmudgeon, the builder flaunted the ADA requirements and the city code. Go see for yourself. And city officials looked the other way.

    The builder is working hand-in-hand with the future tenant, building to their specifications.

    Not ridiculous that some people “hate” persons with disabilities. It’s more common than you think. Think of those who park in HC spaces who don’t need them. There are even people who use HC placards belonging to a HC or even a deceased family member.

    I’ve been in retail establishments where merchandise is placed where a wheelchair cannot get through. I’ve been in a Wal Mart where the merchandise was placed in such a manner that if a person trips, he or she would fall straight into a display of cactus plants!

    Over the years I have experienced hundreds of incidents where sign language interpreters have not been hired, when they should have been. That includes a hospital in Birmingham that refused to provide me with an interpreter although they had a very competent one on their staff. (I brought a lawsuit against the hospital, and won.)

    May I suggest you contact Graham Sission, director of the Governor’s Office on Disability? Or Bill Boules, who works for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and is president of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Improved Access. Either will give you plenty of examples.

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