All a Runner Wants for Christmas Is….

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Today’s post is actually for the non-runners faced with buying holiday gifts for the runner in their life. One of the really great things about running is that it doesn’t cost a lot to do it. Most of the equipment and supplies are cheap, and also not very bulky. So you could load up a gift basket or stocking with lots of running loot and make your favorite runner one very happy camper.

RoadID: $15-$30

Nothing says “I love you and don’t want you to suffer painfully on the side of the road if someone hits you with a car” like a RoadID product. This great company offers identification products that runners can wear while out on the road. In the unfortunate case of an accident the personalized bracelets, dog tags, and shoe tags give the runners name, address, emergency contact and important medical info. You can also add a personalized quote or saying, such as “Please look both ways before running out into that road because I love you and want you to come home.” Or maybe something shorter.

Swiftwick Running Socks: $12 – $16

Socks are socks, right? Wrong. Runners know that the thinner, dryer and better fitting the socks, the fewer blisters, smells and frustration they get. These compression socks fit close to the foot without being too tight. They allow your shoes to do their job and wick sweat away so that your foot stays dry and comfy. They come in black, white, grey and various combinations of grey and other accent colors.

Yankz Shoe Laces: $7.50 – $8

Ok, sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of getting out the door running is tying those laces. Really, some days, that’s the only excuse we need. Help your runner stay motivated by getting them a set of Yankz laces. These elastic laces come in bright and reflective colors, extra long lengths and basically use a brilliantly engineered set of two pieces of plastic that allow you to set the tightness of the laces and anchor them down so that you never have to tie your shoes again. Just slip them on and slip out the door. Its impossible to explain how this works, you just have to get them and try them.

Reflective Gear: $12 – $20

It’s dark outside for what seems like twothirds of the waking hours now that daylight savings time has changed. This means your runner is either out before the sun rises or running after dark. They really need to be wearing reflective gear every time they go out on the road. This gear is exactly what it sounds like – accessories with reflective material so that headlights and streetlights bounce off of the runner making them more visible to passing cars. I’m going to recommend the fine folks at Road ID again for these products because they have excellent customer service, great prices, and great products. You can find all kinds of reflective gear online. Just search online.

Chafestick: about $8

Here’s a dirty little secret about running. Sometimes, discreet parts of our bodies rub together, or against our clothing. Do that for more than a few seconds and you’re looking at one painful, slow-healing wound. Body Glide or Chafestick is a necessary item for any runner. You can never have too much of it. Get two. One for the house, and one for the car when they arrive at the meetup or race and realize they forgot to put it on.

Tasty Treats!

Everyone knows you want a Christmas stocking or holiday gift basket for the goodies they always contain. Here are some edible items to suit your runner.

Stinger Waffles: $22 for a box of 16 or a couple of bucks for one waffle.

These are certified organic, single serving waffle snacks that run about 160 calories each. Lance Armstrong suggested to the Stinger Company that they make a waffle similar to the kinds European cyclists snack on. This was the result. They are sweetened with honey, not sugar, and are available in honey, vanilla, lemon, strawberry and chocolate flavors. They make a perfect pre-morning run snack for low calorie intake and low volume on the stomach early in the morning before working out. The honey flavor is the most natural and delicious followed by the vanilla. Skip chocolate altogether, as it takes pretty fake.

Gu, Gel, and Chomps

If your runner is training for a half marathon or marathon, find out if they like to fuel up while running with Gu, Gel or Chomps. These packets of 100 calorie, easily digestible carbs, electrolytes, amino acids and caffeine that replace depleted stores of energy and give runners the boost to keep going. They come in every flavor you could imagine, so have fun with it. Some runners don’t use these though, so be sure this is a product they want.

Want to give more? Get a gift card to a local running store like Montgomery Multisport or MAC Sporting Goods that can be used towards the purchase of a pricier item, like running shoes or a Garmin GPS watch.

These gift ideas should make any runner smile and have them thinking about you every time they use one of the items from this treasure trove of gear and goodies. May your miles be merry and your reflective accessories be bright this holiday season!

Meg Lewis is a runner, cupcake baker, and theater marketer residing a smidge outside of the bypass. She regularly makes her rounds through downtown and midtown Montgomery evaluating the beer selections, live musical performances and the social atmosphere of local establishments in the company of a small and close-knit group of fabulous people.

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