Halloween skills: Two contests (with prizes!)

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Even our cat likes Halloween

There’s more to Halloween than just costumes, trick or treating, and scaring friends and strangers. Sure, there are great haunted houses within driving distance. But what about your house?

Home decorations are a classic American way of celebrating Halloween. You want to spread the spirit to neighbors and passers-by, as well as create the right mood for trick or treaters on the proper day. Some people like Halloween so much that they are willing to extend their costuming efforts to their pets!

So, those facts in mind, we’re having a contest here at Midtown Montgomery Living. Strike that, we’re having TWO contests. We want to see how you decorate the outside of your home for this great holiday. And we want to see how well you costume your pet.

Here’s the deal: Get everything set up right, take a photo (or three) and send it to us at midtownmontgomeryliving@gmail.com. There is no formal set of criteria. Essentially, we will select the photos that look “coolest.” That means that we’ll take into consideration your hard work, innovation, and extent to which you capture the ineffable “spirit” of the season.

For the house exterior decorations, we’ll consider anything, ranging from festive seasonal gourds and autumn colorings all the way to the cheapest drug store fake cobwebs and most expensive robotic moving demons. It’s up to you to decide whether your decorations are best photographed by the light of day or the murky shadow of night. But bear in mind that photos of spooky shadows are not really good for helping us judge your skills at decorating.

For the pets, obviously, cuteness is an inevitable factor. You can’t put a Batman cape on a kitten and not consider cuteness. But you might also have some hilarious ideas that have nothing to do with cuteness. We’re open to the vast horizons of your creativity.

One rule for the house decorations: Send us your address. Not only would we like to publish it so that our readers can drive by and marvel at your lovely home, but we want to make sure that you do live around here and aren’t just downloading some pics from the Internet of some cool house in Canada.

Sound good? And as if winning were not its own reward, we’re offering prizes. First prize will get $25 and two tickets to The Capri (the best movie theater in the city). Second place will get $15 and two tickets to The Capri. Third place will get two tickets to The Capri. Movie night plus concession stand money? Oh yes! All prizes are courtesy of Sandra Nickel Hat Team, REALTORS.

Entries must be received by October 25. We will announce the winners on October 28 in order to give people enough time to drive by and check out the awesome skills of the winners.

OK, Montgomery. Let’s see what you can do!

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