Alabama National Fair: Missing photos! Revealed!

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We were like children when the Alabama National Fair came to town a few weeks back (Warning: Clicking that link opens the official website of the fair, but also causes a crazy song to play. You’ve been warned.) Evidently, we were not the only ones. Attendance for the fair was up over 20 percent this year — and that’s a good thing. The Montgomery Kiwanis Club does good things and they do a nice job with the fair. For more, see our 2012 interview with Rep. Joe Hubbard here.

When I say that we were like children, I don’t mean that we ate too much junk food before passing out in the back seat of the car. But I do mean that our sense of marvel and awe was somewhat restored by the spectacle of the fair and the weight of the tradition. And most importantly, we had a really good time. We’re presenting some of our photos in hopes that you’ll remember what fun you had this year and in hopes that you’re already thinking about attending next year. We were going to throw these photos in with our original post about our trip to the fair (which you can enjoy reading here) but we lost them. But they are now found — unearthed from the digital void and presented here on the Internet for your consumption.

It should be noted that our Alabama National Fair is not the same thing as the Alabama State Fair, which is totally inexplicably held in Shelby County. And it is held here in Montgomery and not at the “Alabama State Fairgrounds,” which is in Birmingham. According to the Bham Wiki:

The state fair discontinued regular use of the facility because of poor attendance and high crime in the adjacent neighborhood. The Alabama State Fair Authority went bankrupt, and was dissolved sometime around the year 2001. No state fair has been held on a regular basis since. (The “Alabama National Fair” in Montgomery and another carnival called the “Alabama State Fair” in Pelham, are unrelated.)

Bottom line: We’ve got the good fair here in our town and we’re lucky to have it.

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