Location, Location, Location!

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Never has this expression been truer than when buying property with resale in mind! Many buyers I work with, usually local and familiar with the area, are extremely location sensitive. This can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Some people want to be in a certain school district, some in a historic district, and others on the water, or an area with restrictive covenants.
I have found that today’s buyer is even more specific than that. They want to be within a five block area or on a certain street. Some buyers wait for a specific house to come on the market.

If the street looks as if too many homes are untidy or unkempt it may put this entire street off their search criteria. This is sometimes humorous to me when buyers are this restrictive because often times if you get a new neighbor next door, they may well be not as neat as the last owner so you really get no guarantees.

Then you have the buyers that do not have the word location in their vocabulary. These are the ones usually not local that most often want granite on the counters, extra-large rooms, all of them! They are driven by features and space and budget. This is a true value buyer trying to fit as many features in their criteria as possible, but at a price.

They quite often find the perfect house on Zillow or Trulia in a cropped photo. They want to buy it over the phone before it gets away! Then when they get to town and realize it backs to the interstate and a gas station is 100 feet away, they lo and behold utter the words I thought they did not know: “Oh I can’t live here, I need a better LOCATION and resale would be awfull!!”

Frank Powell is a member of the Hat Team at Sandra Nickel Hat Team Realtors.

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  1. Cecile Hamblin says:

    I can appreciate your comment regarding unkempt and untidy which we have on both sides of our house that is for sale. I think it makes a huge difference. To bad our neighbors can’t see it.

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