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1048 Jazz and Blues Club is the prime local destination for Thanksgiving holiday entertainment. Located on East Fairview in Cloverdale, 1048 has been a cog in the wheel of Montgomery’s music scene for decades. Its consistent loyalty to live music electrifies bar-goers and music lovers every day of the week while providing enough variety to satisfy a reliable crowd of regulars. 1048 is a neighborhood pub and a rock venue under the same roof.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of 1048’s personality is its diversity of clientele. On any given night, the bar’s doors are darkened by young professionals searching for romance, politicians shaking hands and making deals, college students raring to swing dance, servers and bartenders relaxing fresh off their own shifts, post-reception wedding parties loosening their bowties and shedding their high heels, musicians eagerly lending support to the night’s act, and neighborhood regulars stopping by their watering hole. 1048 brings various parts of Montgomery together to mingle by its outdoor campfire, shoot pool on its wooden patio, sip beer at either of its bars, and converge on its dance floor – some patrons more deftly than others. Each night of the week offers a different flavor of entertainment, but every night is a good time.

November 24-30 rings in Thanksgiving’s holiday week and is the ideal time to visit this night club and support Montgomery’s incredible local musicians. Put your feet up Sunday evening at our region’s premiere jazz destination, where performers from across the southeast have come together to entertain since the late 1980s. Anchored by Sam Williams and Coleman Woodson III, jazz night thrills its audience with dazzling improvisation and expert collaboration. The artists begin brandishing their brass and tickling their ivories around 9:30 p.m. Monday unreservedly represents the “Blues” portion of the night club’s moniker, as the Honey Tree Band takes the stage around 10. Jay Hayes brings Louisiana flair to roots-y blues flavor, backed by a saxophone-soaring, foot-stomping sing-along band. Honey Tree is one of the most fun-loving acts in the region and wields their joyful blues-funk originals alongside old blues standards as if they’ve been around for ages.

Tuesday features Auburn’s Something Delicious, a fusion-rock jam band with an edge-y creativeness that appropriately balances their approachable pop. Their covers range from party-rock to old soul; their originals display introspective depth while maintaining the band’s groovy essence. Hump Day at 1048 features the 60s pop rock-n-roll of the Woodpeckers, a band as fun and entertaining as any around. Technical and tight, but free-wheeling and happy-go-lucky, the Woodpeckers all but force a body to dance. Ask them to play the Beatles’ “Rain” and you will never forget it.

Thanksgiving night will kick up the attitude with in-your-face blues-rock masters Delta Reapers. Local legend Ziggy Luis simply melts faces. Meet up with old friends home for the holiday and dance off Grandma’s stuffing, but consider yourself warned: Delta Reapers are a smash-mouth, no-excuses rock powerhouse. It is awesome.

Federal Expression heats up Friday night with all the jam band goodness of a summertime music festival. These guys absolutely love playing music and develop such a rapport with their audience it feels like they’re on the dance floor right with everyone else. All the fun befittingly complements the tremendous amount of talent onstage, as each member of this seven-piece group will at some point rock the house. Saturday wraps up the week with Medicine Chest, a jam heavy southern rock showcase featuring stellar original songwriting. The music will be playing long after the Iron Bowl’s conclusion, so don’t miss out a great night of live entertainment whether you’re celebrating world domination or drowning your football sorrows.

1048 Jazz and Blues Club’s staff never forgets a face (or a favorite beverage) and opens its doors to patrons and friends. Music begins most nights around 10 p.m. This lineup of homegrown talent represents the best of Montgomery’s own bands. Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on all that is good, so spend a little time soaking up Montgomery’s music scene at its most musically dedicated night club.

Michael Thornton studied English at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and works as a singer/songwriter in Montgomery, AL.

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  1. Sam Williams says:

    This is the 25th anniversary of the opening of 1048 .Thanksgiving eve 1988. I was there. Thank you Al Jordan for your vision .

  2. anonymous says:

    Why is 1048’s owner, Doug Gurney, scared of a little competition. He’s even gone to the ridiculous step of pretending a new “church” has located in the run-down house he owns between the 1048 and Graham Woods.

    He is one weird dude.


    CBS 8 News
    New Scottish Bar Draws Controversy in Cloverdale

    A bar in the Cloverdale entertainment district is getting opposition from a neighboring bar owner.

    Mike Watson tells us about his latest venture in bringing “Graham Woods” pub to Cloverdale.

    But when he went to apply for his liquor license, he was met with opposition from two doors down.

    Doug Gurney, the owner of “1048 Jazz and Blues” nightclub, who didn’t want to talk to us on camera, says Watson is in violation of several laws.

    Those alleged violations include: the safety of the building with exposed wires and inadequate plumbing, serving alcohol to minors in the past, and the patio readily visible from a church.

    The church in question is a church that has recently appeared on 1048’s property between the two establishments within the past few weeks.

    But Watson says he’s not bothered by the complaints.

    “We don’t place a lot of stock in the comments that were made. Most dealt with the quality of the building and the operation adjacent to what is now a new church next door. But we certainly know we can live by all requirements,” said Watson.

    City Councilman Arch Lee suggested the council wait two weeks to look over the complaints Gurney brought before them.

    “There are some valid concerns, Watson’s got a few other bars here. Some allegations made, some ongoing issues with the ABC board. We’ll look into that,” said Lee.

    In the meantime, Watson says he is not worried about getting his license.

    “I would certainly assume the motive behind it is fear of competition and misunderstanding that the critical mass of businesses in this neighborhood are going to do nothing but enhance each others businesses,” said Watson.

    Watson says if he does get his license and everything is up to code, he expects to open “Graham Woods” in 4 to 6 weeks.


    Montgomery bar owner concerned about competitor’s license

    Following public comments at Tuesday’s Montgomery City Council meeting regarding a new Cloverdale bar getting a liquor license, WSFA 12 News talked with councilman Arch Lee and the bar owner about the concerns.

    Doug Gurney, the owner of 1048 Jazz and Blues on Fairview Avenue raised concerns that Mike Watson, the owner of what will be Graham Woods Pub just two doors down, is getting his liquor license before his building is up to code.

    Gurney believes if Watson gets his license right now, it will be a complete violation of state and city building, health and sanitation codes.

    “There were some, possibly some legitimate concerns that were brought up, some maybe not as legitimate as others,” says Councilman Arch Lee.

    Lee tabled the issue until the next council meeting, giving him time to look into the allegations.

    But, he says Watson’s request for a liquor license this early isn’t unreasonable.

    “The city states ‘don’t do any work under the assumption that you’re gonna be granted a license.’ So, they’re kinda in a catch 22 about doing some work in the business and not having it all up to code yet. But they’re waiting to make sure they got a liquor license.”

    Lee says the city council has traditionally granted liquor licenses to bars relying on them to open.

    “We hold on to that license or business license until all the other building codes and health codes and everything else are brought up to specifications,” adds Lee.

    “There’s nothing that really keeps us from finishing the construction without a liquor license, you’re just operating at your own risk,” says Mike Watson.

    Mike Watson fully expects to get a liquor license for Graham Woods Pub.

    But he also understands officials are taking into consideration recent violations of underage drinking at some of his other businesses.

    “There are things that have happened at Alley Bar, Aviator Bar, Sand Bar that don’t go exactly as we anticipate, but it’s certainly, not anything that would keep a business of similar ilk here in Cloverdale.

    Within the last few months, a church has started meeting in the house right in between Graham Woods Pub and 1048 Jazz and Blues.

    State law prohibits the sale of alcohol to be visible from a church, which means Watson must block any sight of alcohol from the adjacent property.

    The issue will be on the next city council agenda, December 3rd.

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