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Persistence pays off, whether you are talking about some sort of big noble life goal, or simply making it to that restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try. Back in July, we tried to go to D’Road Cafe. Finding it closed, went next door to Mr. G’s instead.

Since then, the chorus of raves about D’Road have continued and we finally managed to make our way back for an evening meal. We now know that the “D” in the restaurant’s name may stand for “delicious.”

In a triumph for social media advertising, we had “liked” D’Road on Facebook some time ago, and were subjected to the regular posting of the restaurant’s menus (which are constantly rotating). As a result, the restaurant stayed at the forefront of our minds, even though we had never been there. And we kept hearing from people how great it was. Finally, we had a free night on a Wednesday, which is when D’Road features vegetarian fare.

The diversity of menu items is a big part of the draw of D’Road. The chef makes items from nearly every country in the world and features them on a rotating basis. D’Road may be the only place in Montgomery where you can get Venezuelan style cooking, but it is most definitely the only place where you can come back the next week and get something from Israel or some kind of homemade paella. It takes real kitchen skills (and confidence) to be able to produce such an incredible array of foods.

As a result of this carnival of variety, it is hard to predict what you might get when you go to D’Road. We encourage you to look at the Facebook page and make plans accordingly. Either that, or just be willing to have a flexible approach. From what we hear, almost anything you get is going to be pretty delicious.

Our meal featured zucchini and spinach, some butternut squash, a bit of “Caribbean” cabbage, an egg, some rice and mushrooms. Just think of a veggie plate, where everything is arranged in perfect proportion and each dish compliments the others. You don’t get the feeling that any corners are cut during the cooking process. Portions were reasonable and consistent with what we had heard from friends, the whole experience is like being in someone’s house.

Not only does the food convey the loving care of small batch preparation, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is so cozy that you can’t help but overhear what people at other tables are saying. The chef delivered the food to our table herself and added a personal (but not intrusive) touch each time she came out. She was essentially running the whole place by herself, which seems exhausting.

The best part of our meal was dessert, a unique dish that neither of us had ever ordered before. It involved a thick slice of homemade bread, mozzarella cheese, cinnamon and chocolate syrup. The ingredients were simple and we were astonished that we’d never had them in that particular combination before. It was a delicious end to a great meal.

D’Road Cafe is now high on our list of local dinner spots. Prices are extremely reasonable and we left full and happy. Our only advice (other than checking the Facebook page to examine the menu) is maybe calling ahead to make a reservation. Seating is so limited that we assume that D’Road can fill up pretty easily.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, ten fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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