Early Spring Calendar, Part 1

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photoThe polar vortex has finally been defeated and we are due to enjoy  fleeting window of decent spring joy before the Death Heat™ arrives. What to do with this so-called “spring?” We’ve got some ideas. Break out your calendar and carefully inscribe the following:

Springtime means baseball, and we’ve got some decent college teams in town. That means you can see good talent for a low price and enjoy some outdoor popcorn eating amid the *ping* of the aluminum bat. ASU hosts UAB in baseball March 4 at 6 p.m. The Hornets have a new baseball stadium that is worth checking out, especially as they host an in-state rival. If you’re busy on the 4th, try March 11, when ASU hosts Troy. The full schedule is here. You might also want to leave open your calendar for April 2, when Huntingdon hosts Birmingham Southern. In-state rivalries games are always just a little better. Both crowds travel and things are a little more exciting. For the Hawks’ full schedule, check here. A good place to take the kids or a date. Baseball games are awesome.

Speaking of dates, go see a movie in the theater. Sitting on your butt at home isn’t as good. See a movie on the big screen the way it was intended. Plus, if you aren’t getting your popcorn and beer from baseball, you can get them at The Capri. Plan to go March 6 for “In the Heat of the Night.” 1967. Poitier. Mississippi. A good chance to see a classic with a crowd. You also should aim for March 20 and see “Dr. No.” One of the best Bond movies. It may be Connery’s best effort in the role. Also crucial upcoming Capri action: two Best Picture nominees. We’re chomping at the bit for both “Nebraska” (March 21-27) and “Her” (March 28-April 3).

March 7 is the next in the series of spring concerts over in Waverly. David Bazan is playing, and will be followed up by Robert Ellis and Andrew Combs on March 8, Bohannons and Lee Bains III on March 23, the Heart of Waverly Bluegrass Festival on March 29, Rayland Baxter and Belle Adair on April 18, the Waverly Old 280 Boogie on April 19, and Lazybirds on April 26. Waverly, in case you don’t know, is only about an hour away. It’s a very cool small town. This music should all be awesome, but we are obviously most excited for the two big events — the Bluegrass Festival and the Old 280 Boogie. Both of those qualify as “Things You Must Go Do If You Like Music And Are Not An Idiot.” The Bluegrass Festival is $25 in advance and will feature six or seven awesome acts. More info on that here and more on the Old 280 Boogie here.

You may not be willing to drive on March 8 to see our hometown River Region Rollergirls have a road bout in Macon, but if you go, the Cherry Blossom Brawl, is probably going to be a lot of fun. Macon isn’t that far away and is supposed to be a cool city. Road trip anyone? If not, you’ll have to wait until April 12, when our squad hosts Emerald Coast. The home bouts are at the Alcazar Shriners Temple (555 Eastern Blvd), which is reason enough to go if you have always wanted to look in that weird building. You’ll be hooked on seeing attractive women smashing into other attractive women. More on the team here and here.

Show friends (and enemies) how smart you are on March 11 when trivia returns to El Rey. The grits & eggs anniversary party was Sunday, but any day is a good day to eat a burrito or a platter of some of the best food in the city. It’s awesome that this place has been in our city for 15 years. They continue to earn their place on the pedestal upon which everyone puts them. Delicious, good atmosphere, good corporate citizens. The reason why it’s crowded all the time is that it’s awesome.

Brush off the crumbs and filth and do something a little high class for once during the last half of March From March 14-30, you’ve got the chance to see “Taming of the Shrew” at the Shakespeare Festival. It’s the play of Shakespeare’s that is most often dismissed as misogynistic garbage. Will ASF do a good job with it? Invite your most feminist friends and budget out some time afterwards for conversation over coffee. Even if it’s offensive, talking about it can be fun. And they might do a great job with it, as ASF so often does. Get tickets here.

Speaking of offensive comedies, one of the most highly anticipated dates on our March calendar is March 18, when a bunch of comedians come downtown to the Alley Bar. We’re hyped to see local weirdo Rudy Banes, but there ought to be a couple of great laughs from this collection of folks. Besides, when was the last time you went out on a Tuesday night? Shut your mouth, go to the Alley Bar at 8:30 and get ready to laugh. We’re also curious to see if a Montgomery crowd knows how to act during a comedy show or if they’ll heckle, talk loudly to other people in the audience and/or stare at the phones the whole time. Comedy is really hard, so let’s see if these folks are funny or not. Props are also due to the Alley Bar for branching out and hosting this sort of thing.

After your brain cells are killed by that event, pour some knowledge back into your crippled mind by going on March 21 to the Architreats at the State Archives. The topic in March is “The Rise and Fall of Alabama’s Textile Industry.” It’s a free talk by David Seagraves and ought to help explain why your Tea Party uncle is so mad about the lack of jobs in Alabama. If economic collapse isn’t your thing, what about war? In a talk that is sure to touch on inept military leadership and a legendary Alabama farmgirl, you’ll want to go April 18 for the free lunchtime talk on “Streight’s Raid and The Making of a Confederate Heroine” by Keith S. Hebert.

I know we already talked about baseball in the first item but that was college baseball. To see the pros in action, save the date for March 29, when the professional Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays come to town to play our Montgomery Biscuits. The Rays are really good, so you should get a chance to see some great MLB talent. We will, of course, be pulling for The Biscuits to defeat their betters, but the whole thing should be a lot of fun. Regular season Biscuit action starts April 3 when our boys host the Birmingham Barons, who think they’re so fancy with their new stadium and league championship.

Coming tomorrow: More calendar events. We aren’t done mapping out the spring events that are coming up. More coming soon!

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, ten fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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