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Three years ago, we ate ourselves into a complete sugar coma as we tried to decide Montgomery’s best cupcake. We went to absurd lengths for this effort, even drawing up a bracket (and scoring some great Prosecco from Derk’s Filet & Vine to go with our tasting). Here’s what the bracket looked like back then:

The bracket!

The bracket!

Three years later, a few of the places aren’t around any more. Roux is gone (it lived in the space where True is now about to turn into something else). And Megalicious reports that she’s only baking for friends and family these days. Tish has grown her brand and moved into an Eastside shop. There are cupcakes at That’s My Dog that we haven’t had the pleasure of tasting yet. Friends have recommended a place called Little Red Cupcake on Hall Street – evidently they’ve got a lemon and chocolate treat called the “Stinger,” after ASU’s colors. As progress marches on and the local cupcake ecosystem continues to evolve, it might be time for a new bracket. In the meantime, our sweet tooth brought us to JoZettie’s Cupcakes on South Decatur Street to try a few flavors. It seemed like every time we drove by there was a steady stream of customers, and the raves online finally brought us in. We’re glad we stopped by.

The shop is small and intimate, with a counter full of goodness and a flavor list posted on the wall. They don’t have all flavors every day, but their Facebook page is updated regularly with what’s in the shop. We wanted to try their famous cheesecake cupcake, but it wasn’t in stock when we arrived. We decided to sample four flavors: strawberry, key lime, red velvet and chocolate.

We created a little “tasting platter” to share our opinions, remembering the horrific sugar hangover we got last time we tried this on a grander scale.

First up was the key lime. This is a very good cupcake, but it was our least favorite of the four. The lime flavor was subtle, and maybe could have been more pronounced. This cupcake, like the others, had a great icing-to-cake ratio. We liked this about all the flavors, as too much icing can be a mess while distracting from the overall tasting experience. The cake density was good enough that the cupcake was enjoyable, even after the key lime flavor faded after the first or second chew.

Second, we tried the strawberry. This was a triumph of a dessert. Anyone who’s ever tried to make strawberry cupcakes knows that it’s hard to nail a good, strong strawberry flavor – this one left us wanting more. Our sample was too brief to say for certain whether this strawberry cupcake surpasses the amazing one at Liger’s, but it’s at least a contender to the throne. It’s fruity. It’s fresh. It’s sweet. It’s everything you’d want in a strawberry cupcake.

Third was the red velvet. Like all the other flavors, it’s got a good cake consistency, not chewy but not too light. You could really taste the cocoa undertones, which was nice. We liked the frosting too, but almost wanted more of that essential cream cheese flavor. It evoked the power of a giant slice of red velvet cake, while being small enough to fit into your hand. This is a solid dessert offering and would make a welcome addition to any gathering.

Finally, we bit into the chocolate. So chocolatey! It hit the right decadent notes without overkill, and the chocolate chips in the frosting were a nice touch. One nice feature was that the chocolate of the cake was of a different shade than the chocolate in the icing, and the two flavors worked well together. The recipe avoided the mistakes of many other cupcakes — not too cloying, no towering mountain of icing. This is a perfectly constructed item and was probably our favorite of the four sampled.

Overall, the cupcakes were very, very good. Everything is reasonably priced, suggesting that this is likely to be a long-term dessert or snack option, and not just a passing fad. The service is fast, and even though there’s not a ton of parking, the staff seems to do a great job of moving folks through the line. So glad to have them in the neighborhood, and we’ll definitely be back!

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, ten fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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  1. Heather says:

    Love Jozettie’s! You should also try McKinney Cakes– . Ms. Peggy makes an amazing peanut butter chocolate cake (and I normally don’t even like cake!) Also I have heard good things about Lulu’s( Just in case you want to try more cake 😉

  2. Jim Yeaman says:

    JoZettie’s will also make birthday cakes, as they so very nicely did for a guest in town who had a birthday and their partner wanted to surprise them with a cake! She did a Red Velvet one that must have weighed ten pounds! Beyond delicious it was for sure.

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