My Latest Adventure…the Final Chapter!

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Note: Living in Midtown Montgomery often means living in historic homes, with all of the joys and responsibilities involved. This is the fourth in Sandra’s series about her bathroom renovation. Read the first part here, the second part here and the third part here.

When I arrived home last night, brother/contractor/remodeler extraordinaire Frank was sitting on the patio with his customary 5:30 double Scotch at his side and a satisfied smile on his face. “It’s done!” he exclaimed. “It’s FINALLY done!”

The master bath remodel, begun in earnest around the Fourth of July, was wrapped up just in time for Labor Day. Husband Jim had his walk-in standing shower with a glass wall enclosure (“The better to see you with, My Dear!”). We’ve ordered him a squeegee and he has promised faithfully to keep all the dazzling new surfaces clear of hard water spots. Um…we’ll see!

Because Frank was so determined to give us just what we wanted, he had spent countless tens of hours at the computer searching just for the right materials. Example: I saw a really neat sink in a women’s restroom at a very upscale law office in Birmingham and was so taken with it that I whipped out my smart phone and took a photo. Well, today our new bath sports its identical twin. And it surrounded by the most beautiful piece of black granite that I’ve ever seen!

All that remains is for me to give the place a deep cleaning (really glad for the upcoming 3-day break) and find some black linens that are “good enough” for our exciting new shrine to cleanliness. That and emptying and laundering every item in the linen closet, which we recently discovered is full of sheetrock dust. Oh, well…

We could not have achieved this without the help of many supportive folks, including the staffs of Henry Tile, Standard Glass, Home Depot and Harbor Freight. And I want especially to tip my hat to these caring folks:

  • Vinny Chandrasoma of the South Hull District, who loaned me her maintenance man Anthony Taldon and without whose help Frank would be at it another few weeks.
  • John Aspinwall, whose incredible drywall finishers saved the day when Frank threw up his dust- covered hands in despair.
  • David Alexander, who tried hard to save our 95-year old commode and did the work only an old-house-loving plumber could have done to marry our cast iron to today’s new materials.
  • Brad Somebody, who was driving by one day and saw my brother struggling with a piece of fence, stopped and lent a hand then brought his brother to help.
  • Russell Stringer, Montgomery’s Urban Forester, who did not yell at me when I had to tell him that we’d broken a limb on “his” tree out front getting a Mobile Attic delivered to act as Frank’s warehouse.
  • And our long-suffering neighbors who uttered nary a complaint about said Mobile Attic or the big dumpster that for 8 solid weeks adorned our side yard.

Frank is really excited about going home to Dallas. And he has said on many occasions during this adventure that Montgomery is pretty darned special, too. Thank you, Frank; and thank you, Montgomery!

Sandra Nickel has been listing and selling residential real estate for over 30 years, most with an intense focus on Montgomery’s Midtown neighborhoods. Sandra serves on the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, the Cloverdale Business Coalition, Historic Southview, the Volunteer and Information Center, Landmarks Foundation and her own neighborhood Garden District Preservation Association.

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  1. Renea Dijab says:

    Over the last year and a half, we have renovated our pepto pink and slime green 1950’s bathrooms, and I love my house even more.
    Nothing makes a person happier than a new bathroom.
    Congratulations and a job well done!

  2. iVinny Chandrasoma says:

    I just saw this Sandra! Thank you! So thoughtful of you.

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