Timelessness, Whether Traveling or at Home

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IMG_3728While we were anxiously awaiting the next Midtown Montgomery Living post from our regular correspondent, Sandra Nickel, we eventually learned that she was out of town. More significantly, she was far outside the boundaries of the state, engaging in some sort of barnstorming tour of the Western United States. Although rumors are fleeting and mysterious, she has been seen in Seattle, Portland and in parts of California.

As such, we assumed that Sandra’s contribution to MML would surely be lacking. To the surprise of your editors, Sandra nonetheless submitted a brief report from the road, including photos. The modern age is an astounding one, and Sandra’s commitment to her Montgomery readers is steadfast. Not only did she write about her adventure without bragging, she connects her mode of transportation to the Montgomery neighborhoods she loves so much.

As the Western landscape sped by her view, she submitted the following. We wish her safe travels and await her safe return to Montgomery, hopefully with exciting travel stories to tell.

When I was a little girl, I lived on a street that dead-ended at a creek. And just across its banks were the Missouri-Pacific rail tracks where the Hummingbird ran daily.

IMG_3733Early most summer evenings, we neighborhood kids would gather–barefoot and filled with dreams–to watch the train go by. I loved seeing the ladies and gentlemen through the lit dining car windows as they sped to mysterious destinations where they lived their glamorous lives.
Today I am living those dreams inside the dining car windows. It is truly a dream come true. Like our early 1900’s Midtown Montgomery neighborhoods, today is a throwback to a simpler, richer time.

Sandra Nickel has been listing and selling residential real estate for over 30 years, most with an intense focus on Montgomery’s Midtown neighborhoods. Sandra serves on the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, the Cloverdale Business Coalition, Historic Southview, the Volunteer and Information Center, Landmarks Foundation and her own neighborhood Garden District Preservation Association.

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