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As I age, I become increasingly aware of how much in daily life I take for granted. Things like light and heat and running water—little things like that.

In this season of thankfulness I was quite forcibly reminded that these things are NOT automatic and that I should be consciously and continually grateful for them. Because we, and all the other merchants on the south side of the 1000 block of East Fairview, were totally without power from this past early Sunday morning until 1:00 yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

The outage Sunday was a planned event, for which Alabama Power had provided over a month’s advance notice. Seems the old lines running down Fairview had seen better days and required replacement, which was handled quickly by a brigade of 15-20 bucket trucks and more Alabama Power linemen than I’ve seen before in one place — even after a hurricane or tornado!

What was unplanned was the company’s discovery that the lines providing power into the series of storefronts on the south side of the street were even more badly degraded. That was not Alabama Power’s fault, and the “juice” could not be restored until those sections were replaced by a private electrical contractor. This step took from late Sunday until mid-day Tuesday to be accomplished.

If you tried to call us during the last three days, you know that our voicemail was disabled. You may also have observed one of the Hat Team hauling spoiled items out of the refrigerator-freezer for disposal. You might even have observed our office cat Halle peeking out the door and contemplating an escape. She was delighted that the “zapper” we installed inside the front door of our office to keep her safely inside was not working.

So for power and light and heat I am thankful. For refrigeration and a zapper I am thankful. For your forgiveness at our being out of touch, I am thankful. For my team, who handled all this in my absence, I am particularly thankful.

What are you particularly thankful for this holiday?

Sandra Nickel has been listing and selling residential real estate for over 30 years, most with an intense focus on Montgomery’s Midtown neighborhoods. Sandra serves on the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, the Cloverdale Business Coalition, Historic Southview, the Volunteer and Information Center, Landmarks Foundation and her own neighborhood Garden District Preservation Association.

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