Making Plans for Spring

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Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.02.49 AMThe Old Alabama Town Revue is planning special happenings for 2016. Here in January, at the first of a new year, is a perfect time to plan. Yes, it is the dead of winter. But remember that we have observed the Solstice – the day that declares the light is returning. And in less than a month, the first of February heralds Groundhog Day. This celebration has its origins in all those ancient and legendary celebrations involving the earth beginning to shake off the sleep of winter and prepare for the light, warmth, and new life of spring. So, here is what the Old Alabama Revue Crue has planned.

Last year we completed “The Song Challenge.” Inspired by a medieval troubadour legend about a songwriting contest at Wartburg Castle in Germany, the OAT Revue Crue composed original songs for the shows all season long in preparation for a new album. Recording has been ongoing at Anthony Castaldo’s Echo 7 Studios in Millbrook. Rhythm tracks will be finished this month and regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil says about winter on Feb. 2, we will continue to work towards having the new album, “The Song Challenge,” out by spring.

Spring will bring another fun music event for the OAT Revue. Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Council on the Arts, our sponsor for that grant, Landmarks Foundation, and Marion Baab, we are planning a larger than usual concert in the spring. We’re talking about putting a large, white tent on the grounds of Old Alabama Town. We will offer a lengthened show to accommodate special guest artists and do a lot of promotion to let a lot of people know so we can expect a big crowd. The details are not solid. They are like seed sprouts deep in the ground, like dawn coming a little earlier each morning, even in the face of dark, cold, windy nights. And so, dear reader, there will be more information to come.

Closer to the present is the upcoming show on Feb. 4. The first show of 2016 celebrates life and love. The theme, “Love Without a License,” is so called because we are recording the show live, and I see no point in paying formal usage license for songs when I work with the wonderful writers of the OAT Revue Crue. On Thursday night at 7:30 in the Church on Columbus Street, we will present a variety of original songs – some sad, some not – that’s the way love is (with or without a license). We will also welcome Bob Corley as a special guest artist. I heard Bob at the guitar pull at Cloverdale Playhouse and was impressed by his sense of humor and his unique lyrics. He describes his songs as “all over the road,” and that subject matter ranges from “corporate greed, to war, to salvation and toilet paper.” Somehow he will get to love without a license, I just know it. So on Feb. 4, at 7:30 join us and our celebration of love, and spring, and a new year. Don’t forget your cushion.

Here at the beginning of January, as I face the coldest part of winter, I am making plans for a fabulous spring. A spring that includes music, friends, and I hope includes you.

Karren Pell is a writer, teacher, and performer who lives with her husband, Tim Henderson, and an assortment of cats and dogs in Capitol Heights. She is the author of three books. Her musical compositions range from commercial songs to theatrical works, with five musical adaptations to her credit.

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