A Spring Thing

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DSC_0595 1Although winter did not treat us harshly here in Montgomery, I still think most of us are nursing a strong case of spring fever at the top of March. The Old Alabama Town Revue Crue feels the same, and so the show on April 2 is titled, “It’s a Spring Thing.” However, this show is special — not only because it coincides with spring — but also beacuse the OAT Revue was awarded an Alabama Arts Council grant to expand the Revue. The wonderful director of Landmarks Foundation, Marion Baab, thought that a good way to accomplish that aim (since I am pretty sure “expansion” did not refer to my waistline!) was to present an “expanded” show that would attract new fans. Therefore, the next performance of the Old Alabama Town Revue will be a special two-hour event that is part of an Old Alabama Town celebration: “The Springalong.” Oh, ’tis going to be a large, grand day you will not want to miss.

The OAT Revue Crue and our wonderful audience will be found enjoying spring breezes under a big ol’ tent on the grounds of the Living Block of Old Alabama Town (Columbus and North Hull Street). Part of the ongoing good news is that the audience will be sitting in delightfully comfortable metal chairs and should not need the cushion many require in the wooden pews of the church. Well, ok, anyone who so desires can bring a cushion. The show features originals and old faves that fit in the “It’s a Spring Thing” theme. I will open with a sad song. I wrote it many years ago, and have never performed it so I am excited. All songwriters like sad songs, you know. Toni Wood will wow us with that old fave, “What a Wonderful World.” Then, we’ll be back to sad with a brand new Tim Henderson original, inspired from standing on a balcony with me overlooking the Charleston Bay. No comment. Rockin’ Larry is gonna do what he does best — rock us all out with an Elvis song, “Spring Fever.” That tune will feature those ever-popular Pellets rendering those do-wop 1950s back-up vocals. Tony Castaldo on drums and Marty Martin on stand-up bass will keep that rhythm pumpin! All this, and I haven’t even started describing the guest artists.

The big news is that Jess Meuse, American Idol finalist, will drop by and sing a couple of songs. We love her new records, “Done” and “Rio Grande.” And the hits keep coming for this show: Popular ASF actor Greta Lambert will be making a special appearance and promises a “spring thing” surprise! Country music singer-songwriter Stephen Bray will show how it’s done with his original songs and emotional delivery. Singer-songwriter Rachael Wilson will get us all going with her soulful and bluesy style. Oh, and you can also catch Rachael at KRU on Mt. Meigs on Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. Rob Holbert will come all the way from Mobile to deliver his folk-rock originals. In a nod to the sublime, classical, and classy, Dr. Joe Crowley will read the a few lines from the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in (get this) Middle English. The Canterbury pilgrims, as I am sure you recall, began their trek in April, so Chaucer was a must. Yep, it’s going to be very cool. Others may join us. I have sent out a call to high school teachers for talented young people to sing, play, recite, whatever — except no texting. Keep checking and I’ll keep posting.

The Old Alabama Revue’s “It’s a Spring Thing” is part of the day long Old Alabama Town celebration, “The Springalong.” Besides the OAT Revue, the beautiful historic buildings will be open to visit, and role players in period dress will provide intriguing information and stories of the people who built and lived in the buildings. Gotta’ love that Alabama history. Smokehouse BBQ will be on site, so come on and have lunch. Some scrumptious desserts will be available from Davena MacRae’s Super Suppers. Don’t be shy. Get you a big plate, find you a good seat, and munch along while we play. That’s right, just jump in and “Springalong.”

So put April 2 on your spring to do list. Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts, the Old Alabama Town Revue is presenting an extended two-hour show: “It’s a Spring Thing.” The Revue’s show is part of Old Alabama’s Town’s “Springalong” celebration that includes role players, Smokehouse BBQ for sale, Super Supper desserts, and a half-price admission ($5). Get tickets at the Loeb Reception building and walk up to enter through Lucas Tavern. Doors open at 10 in the morning. The Old Alabama Town Revue will crank up at 1 p.m. and roll on until 3.

Karren Pell is a writer, teacher, and performer who lives with her husband, Tim Henderson, and an assortment of cats and dogs in Capitol Heights. She is the author of three books. Her musical compositions range from commercial songs to theatrical works, with five musical adaptations to her credit.

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