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The top five most popular posts on this website were written by people other than us. My first reaction was a bit of a sting to the ego, that old writer’s companion. But that insecure feeling quickly faded under the sunlight of reflection. The most clicked-upon posts in the history of this blog were written by amazing writers, and the writers are what makes this blog exist. We thrive when our writers arrange words to open windows into this community that we love. Midtown Montgomery is our ecosystem, but our writers are the scribes that create shared experiences for our readers.

That’s particularly important, because it’s as true now as when we started six years ago: There’s not a ton of Midtown represented in the digital world. Sure, Twitter has become a bigger deal than when we started using the “old fashioned” technology of blogging (follow us at @midtownliving). But beyond the corporate social media outlets, there still are not a ton of folks writing longer-form pieces about our city. There are a few glossy free magazines here and there, and the Montgomery Advertiser does what it can with its pared-down newsroom. But six years ago, we started this blog with the support of Sandra Nickel, and we feel like it still fills a niche.

That said, we hope you’ll help us continue to grow. Any sharing of our posts always helps drive traffic to us. That’s not important in the traditional sense, because we don’t sell advertising on this site (again, thanks to Sandra). We hope you recognize and appreciate that. But we appreciate you sharing our posts with your friends because a wide range of readership contributes to the vibrancy of the blog. If you and your friends want to comment on the posts (or engage us on social media), that is also welcome.

So we’ll keep on keeping on, perhaps for another six years, perhaps not. We hope you’ll click links and move laterally throughout the site, looking at posts that may be out-of-date, or may be evergreen. We hope you’ll find something fun that you enjoy reading, and if you’re interested in writing for us, please let us know. At the minimum, give us a shout if you know of something cool that’s coming up. We enjoy Midtown Montgomery, and don’t want to miss anything.

Our All-Time Most Popular Posts (so far):

  1. Off the Beaten Path: 11 Little Known Montgomery Restaurants by Heather Coleman — This post got a considerable amount of traffic from Montgomery’s “foodies,” especially those in a Facebook group called “Lunch in the Gump.” The recommendations in this post are spot-on and, as far as we know, still accurate. Heather did a great job with this one, and we hope it was wildly successful in turning people on to some new places to get great food.
  2. Fun With Liquid Fire also by Heather Coleman — For some reason, this post has become one of the top Google search results for various searches involving the term “liquid fire.” I think if you Google “How to use liquid fire,” it’s on the first or second page of results, which is pretty amazing. A lot of our posts on MML are about home repair and renovations, and other DIY projects that often come with owning a home in historic Midtown Montgomery. People love reading about that stuff.
  3. Bungalows and Craftsman Houses by Elizabeth Brown — I wouldn’t have been surprised if all of the rest of the top ten were posts by Elizabeth Brown about architecture. It was an amazing series! With her collection of posts about local buildings, there’s for sure a book’s worth of material there. It’s so interesting! Her knowledge is vast, and she makes subjects like history and design spring to life. Local leaders should take note of the beauty surrounding us and the importance of preserving it.
  4. The Academic or Eclectic Styles: Neo-Classical  also by Elizabeth Brown — Another great one in her series. Our city is so full of beauty. We so often only see the sadness and fear broadcast to us about our city, but the beauty is everywhere, silently. Historic home owners should take inspiration from these photos and the information about construction and aesthetics. We owe it to future generations to consider the built environments we are leaving for them.
  5. For the Love – and Loss – of a Dog by Lynne Burford — This one went viral because it’s well-written and incredibly sad. People love posts about pets, and Lynne’s posts always gets right to the humanity associated with our love for the non-human world. She’s a great writer, and we’re lucky she shares her knowledge with MML’s readers.
  6. Your SugrueBAR Update by Stephen and Kate — This was one of our more politically-charged posts, and it’s actually still topical since it’s about development and a space that remains (as of summer 2016) unfilled. We didn’t “uncover” any amazing scoop or do any actual investigative journalism. We just went to a public meeting and wrote about what we heard. Fortunately, what we heard was weird, and it touched a bit of a nerve in the neighborhood. We really hope for solid, smart, well-planned economic development in one of the most important areas of our city. Posts like this one are some of the best ways to participate in conversations about our city’s future.
  7. What It’s Like at a Huntingdon College Football Game by Stephen and Kate — Not sure why this one’s so popular except that anything that combines “college name” and “football” is always going to do well in Alabama. We love collegiate athletics, and really enjoyed going to our neighborhood’s college football game on a lovely autumn day. We hope lots of players and coaches and families enjoyed reading it, and we’re looking forward to doing other college sports stuff too. We did an AUM-Faulkner basketball game, but are eyeing something maybe at ASU next.
  8. Midtown’s Consignment Shops by Stephen and Kate — Not all of these shops are still open, but everyone loves a good bargain. We’re not surprised that this post has legs, because there are a lot of amazing clothes looking for new homes in Midtown, and not enough places to sell them all.
  9. The Biscuits 2011 by Stephen and Kate — We don’t do it every single year, but we try to write something about The Biscuits before each season. Having a minor league team is not something that we should take for granted. Young people don’t love baseball like they once did. There are lots of distractions in the world, and as tastes change, teams can move (or extort money from cities). We’re thrilled to see Tampa minor leaguers, and we feel a sense of connectedness when we see former Biscuits reach the major league’s global stage. We’re excited any time we can go to a game (often live tweeting it from the ballpark), and we are glad to provide commentary on the team that exists outside of the public relations bubble. We love our Biscuits!
  10. Tree Growth Regulators by Stephen and Kate — One of the main reasons why we write here is that we’re new home owners and want to share our experiences with others. We feel that MML helps us to share our lessons with our readers. If you dial back to our start, you’ll how we evolved from simply owning this house together to fixing it up as a symbol of staying in Montgomery, improving it in our own little way

We’re honored to share the experience with our readers and hope they find it both educational and entertaining. Here’s to another six years!



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