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Just what is a weed? In the case of the dandelion, one person’s weed is another’s cooked greens. Goldenrod? It used to be the State flower. Let’s just say weeds are in the eye of the beholder, and that’s why I’m going to talk about weed control.

Weeds drive me crazy. Roundup and other weed killers are a great help in keeping the weeds and grasses that you don’t want under control. But there’s a tip that will also help with some of the volunteer trees and Asiatic jasmine that you don’t want.

I mix Roundup with water as directed on the label then add on half cup of vegetable oil and one packet of Quick Pro. The Quick Pro accelerates the Roundup and will even help the Roundup work in cold weather. The vegetable oil makes the mixture stick to the foliage. This will even kill monkey grass and nut grass.

Be very careful when spraying and never spray on a windy day. Keep your pets off the area because they can track it onto places you don’t want to kill.

Quick Pro is available at Ewing, 5890 Monticello Drive, telephone (334) 398 8202. Weed and brush killers are most effective on hot sunny days … that is now, if you haven’t noticed!

Mark Montoya is a Montgomery native who first learned gardening from his father. He has designed, planted and nurtured gardens in our city’s neighborhoods — both old and new – for twenty years.

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  1. Jim Yeaman says:

    Mark – Am I to understand that this Quick Pro mixture will kill Asiatic Jasmine? What if it is entwined with the base of say Boxwood? Will it kill ONLY the Asiatic Jasmine and leave the Boxwood pretty much unscathed?



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