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IMG_2416On my weekly (or bi-weekly) trip to the grocery store, while sitting at that dreaded Carter Hill Road and Mulberry Street light, I noticed a very intriguing advertising billboard. The sign said

The internet did not pave Carter Hill Road.

Now I was dreading the road work, traffic jams and rubber necking along my eastward route to the Wednesday Senior Discount day at Publix, but this sign’s message was just a little confusing and very intriguing. Al Cantrell at Al’s Flowers has always used his business marquee to showcase store sales and announcements of community event but this was a different kind of proclamation. On my next trip (yes, I usually end up grocery shopping several times a week) an explanation had been added —

Shop Local

Now it made sense … Such a complex statement but simple message!

And so, I want to commend Al Cantrell for 1.) being so clever, 2.) using his marquee for public service, 3.) reminding us where our taxes are used, 4.) creatively promoting his own floral and gift business, 5.) brightening an otherwise boring journey, and 6.) last but by no means least, encouraging us Midtown residents, once again, to shop with our local merchants, strengthening our economy and contributing to our local tax base.

I am not a big Internet shopper, or a big shopper at all really. I will confess to a splurge of retail therapy from time to time, but I’m usually such a penny pinching miser that I don’t purchase much. I have found that in a lot of instances, buying local is actually less expensive especially when you factor in shipping, handling fees and having to actually wait for the merchandise. With our curb market brimming with seasonal fare such as vegetables, fruits, pastries, flowers, and ready-made dishes, very little actually has to be purchased at a chain grocery store. Lawn and garden supplies and flowers and plants can all be purchased at our locally owned nurseries. Several specialty shops sell upscale clothing and home décor. We have several quality second hand shops, flea markets, and antique galleries — all easily accessible so we don’t have to deal with traffic.

So, once again, I just want to thank Al Cantrell for reminding of our local obligations and to congratulate him on championing the Midtown Shop Local campaign.

Carole King (not the singer, just the hummer) enjoys midtown living from South Capitol Parkway in Capitol Heights where she has lived for 25+years. Carole has been the historic properties curator for the Landmarks Foundation that manages Old Alabama Town for 28 years and is passionate about neighborhoods, their architectural character, their people, and their preservation!

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  1. Jim Yeaman says:

    While I’m an avid advocate for shopping local, let’s stick to the facts when advocating for the support of our local businesses. Truth be told, all road repairs are funded by gasoline taxes and the internet has nothing to do with road construction and/or repairs!

    • Tara says:

      Thank you for your comment above and your accuracy. Also, may I add, that purchases made over the Internet from a retailer who sells in excess of $250K worth of merchandise in the State of Alabama, IS taxed and is legally bound to collect and remit those taxes.!

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