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Back in May, we tweeted about how we were excited to see the new Little Free Library in our neighborhood, but we never really got around to writing a full blog post about it. We’re sure somebody knows who put it there, and what the story is, but all you need to know is that there are 40,000 or so of these things across the country (world?) and it’s something of a cool social movement, and it’s in no way a substitute for our city’s brick and mortar libraries which are also cool, and could always use more attention and love.

The premise is simple, most commonly seen in the “Take a penny, Leave a penny” dishes at convenience store cash registers. But the impact can be other-worldly, and far more transformative than merely rounding off the cost of a cash transaction. Your whole life could change based on what you pull out of a Little Free Library. Equally interesting, someone else’s whole life could change based on what you leave in a Little Free Library. You could, if you wanted, nurture an anonymous child’s love of reading. Or you could pretend that you’re doing that, while instead jamming leftover romance novels into a public box.

We’ve decided to start reporting on the contents of our Little Free Library (LFL), and make it a weekly feature here at MML. It’s a good excuse for us to swing by the “bottom park” in our Cloverdale-Idlewild neighborhood. And it’ll give our reads a random and periodic heads up about which non-electronic media they could be consuming.

Sunday, 9-18-16

Sunday, 9-18-16

What’d we leave? A Free Life by Ha Jin. It was described by Kate as “about the contemporary American immigrant experience by a National Book Award winning author.” She said it was really good.

What was in there? Tori Spelling and Linda Ronstadt were the two celebrity bio books, and there were three books for 10-year-old girls laid down on the front, one potentially written by Whoopi Goldberg, further upping the Faded Glory Quotient of today’s offerings. There was one of those insufferable “The Cat Who …” mystery novels in hardcover, and a copy of the delightfully-titled, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. Only four?

What’d we take? Nothing. Nothing in there looked particularly good today. On another day, we might have taken a flyer on the Linda Ronstadt book because we have a nice copy of “Prisoner in Disguise” on vinyl. And it wouldn’t have been the first roc bio we’ve taken out of the Little Free Library. We got a trashy Janis Joplin bio out of there a while back. If we hadn’t just gotten back from watching Bama beat Ole Miss in Oxford, spending a gazillion dollars in one of the best bookstores in the nation, Square Books, we might have had a greater appetite for a new book.

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  1. Janet and Rene Zragen of South Hull bought the kit and gave it to the Hat Team. We could not find a suitable location in Fairview so Charlie Colvin built it and Cloverdale Idlewild agreed to host it in the park. Real teamwork!

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