Little Free Library Update: 9-25-16

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Sunday, 9-25-16

Last week, we posted an update on the contents of the Little Free Library in our neighborhood. We got a great response! We were reminded that there is another Little Free Library over in the Garden District. We learned a little about the history of our Little Free Library (check out the comments section of last week’s post). And we had an excuse to return to the park on Sunday because we’re serious about trying to turn this thing into a recurring feature here at MML.

What’d we leave? The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach. This book by Howard Gardner was cutting edge when it came out in 1991, but according to Kate, “It was incredibly influential and essential to understanding American education policy, but it’s a little dated.” Editor’s note: After leaving the book on Sunday, we went back by the LFL on Monday, and the book was already gone.

Was the book we left last week still there this week? Nope. Evidently, someone wanted to check out the National Book Award winning author’s novel about the contemporary American immigrant experience. Hope they enjoyed it!


The juxtaposition was too good to resist.

Anything notable gone from last time? Somebody took that Tori Spelling autobiography. Obviously they were huge fans of her 1996 made-for-television movie, “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” A little surprised nobody took the Linda Ronstadt book. Lauded octogenarian Calvin Trillin has a book in there, and as long as it’s not about Chinese food, it might be among the best of the remaining dreck.

What else was in there? Kenneth Burke’s attitudes toward history may be interesting, but did he need to write a book called Attitudes Toward History? Actually, having some familiarity with Burke, this might be half decent, if tedious. And it shines compared to what else is in there. Trashy romance and sci-fi, a sprinkling of well worn middle school library leftovers. The Hurricane Sisters seems like some kind of book club fodder, only if you mean that to denigrate the powerful social technology of book clubs.

What’d we take? Nothing. We still have giant piles of books to read after our trip to Square Books in Oxford. We may switch things up a bit for next week and check out the LFL over in the Garden District.


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  1. Heather Coleman says:

    You should also include the little library at rescued relics!

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