Little Free Library Update: 10-3-16

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We know that there are other Little Free Libraries in town, including one in the Garden District, and one down at Rescued Relics. There may be others. But the one at the “bottom park” in the Cloverdale-Idlewild neighborhood is within bike riding distance of our house, and was the impetus for our now-ongoing series checking in on the contents of our Little Free Library. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here. Because who wouldn’t want to read these posts in linear order? Agents of chaos, maybe?

Week 3!

What’d we leave? After some minor hesitation, we agreed on leaving behind The Best American Non-Required Reading from 2005. This was the first of our three donated books that I had some reservations about leaving in the library, because it looks awesome and I hadn’t read it yet. But the twinge of regret from leaving behind a quality (unread) book is exactly what is generally needed to ensure that there’s something good in there when you’re looking for something to read. You don’t feel regret from giving away stained and strange-smelling pulp, which is evidently some of the prevailing thought behind at least a few of the other donors to the library. More on that in a moment.IMG_4892

If you’re unfamiliar with the annually-produced “Best American series,” you should check it out. It comes in many different flavors, ranging from sports writing, to mysteries and essays. They are always well curated. Anthologies are perfect accessories to our age of short attention spans, and can act as a sampler to turn you on to new writers. Kate actually only agreed to part with this particular edition because she has acquired many of the treasured pieces (including one from Pulitzer winner Jhumpa Lahiri) contained herein in some other format.

The collection of short pieces that we left behind is more than a decade old, but is attractive (beautiful cover), edited by the indispensable Dave Eggers, and contains an intro from the brilliant and astute (if sometimes misguided) musician Beck, which is well-written enough to merit taking a picture of his paragraphs and including here — because he’s talking about the vast power of libraries, which is at least somewhat related to the theme of these blog posts, which is how awesome it is living in a neighborhood that has a Little Free Library:

Quote from Beck's intro to the Best American Non-Required Reading

Quote from Beck’s intro to the Best American Non-Required Reading

Was the book we left last week still there this week? Nope! Evidently, someone wanted to read Howard Gardner’s influential and essential book on American education policy reform. Hope they enjoyed it!

Anything notable gone from last time? Kenneth Burke and Linda Ronstadt finally got picked up, which sounds like the beginning of a hilarious joke likely unsuitable for most audiences. Somebody also finally took Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.

What else was in there? Pickings were pretty slim. Somebody decided to leave a stack of their business cards in the Little Free Library, which is totally uncool. This is a place for sharing books, not for you to advertise your stupid photography business. It just goes to show that whenever you have a common space, someone will try to use it to gain market advantage. Please leave your ads out of the library, thanks. Here’s a photo of what was in there on Sunday. Maybe we’re missing something:



What’d we take? For the third week in a row, we didn’t see anything that deserved a place on our home shelves. Our going theory is that the Little Free Library was particularly picked over by the crowd of people that came to visit the annual Cloverdale-Idlewild yard sale, which is a really fun event.

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