Little Free Library Update: 10-10-16

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Fall is prime time for biking, dog walking and running here in Montgomery. Which gets us out to our local Little Free Library more often than in the doldrums of summer. And because we’re curious about what our neighbors read (and love books ourselves), we’re continuing our series about the LFL. You can see part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.

Week 4!

What’d we leave? Last week we left 2005’s Best American Non-Required Reading, a collection edited by the brilliant and talented Dave Eggers. If you’re not familiar with him, it’s worth checking out his exceptional book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and then working your way forward through A Hologram For the King, at least. He’s not just a great writer, he’s the founder of an amazing charity called 826 that sells space travel equipment out of a Seattle storefront (and pirate stuff in San Francisco) while providing tutoring and writing classes for children. And, as if that weren’t enough, he started one of our favorite publications – McSweeney’s.

Most people know McSweeney’s through their hilarious website, with brilliant little comic bites and columns, but before that existed there was the quarterly, still going strong after almost 20 years. Of all of the many magazines that arrive at our house, this is one that always gets read. Kate’s even had letters to this publication published online – that’s how much we love it. It’s a reliable place to discover new talent, especially if short stories are your jam, as it’s impeccably curated. It’s also always lovely, each volume crafted in a distinct style that you’re proud to collect on your bookshelves.

IMG_2915For some reason, we had a duplicate copy of issue 20, so we decided to set it free into the world so that others can savor it (and perhaps decide to subscribe on their own!). It’s full of good stories and even the first part of a novella. This issue has some amazing art, too, with more than 200 original illustrations. By the time you’re reading this, it’ll probably already be gone.

Was the book we left last week still there this week? It’s gone! Evidently someone wanted to get their non-required reading on. Hope they enjoyed the George Saunders stories – he’s got a new book coming out, and now that Capitol Book and News is gone, we’ll be ordering it from Amazon with a sad face.



Anything notable gone from last time? Hard to tell. There was certainly more stuff than there was last time we were there. Everything last time was so bad, it’s hard to miss anything that’s missing. Good bye Mary Gordon, hello Cold Sassy.

What else was in there? The offerings continue to be sub-par. Here’s a photo of what was in there on Monday. Maybe we’re missing something. There’s at least a thick slice of classic Tom Clancy and there’s a Robin Cook, for those interested in suspenseful pulp. They’re just not for us. There also appears to be a series of books (43 of them!) based on a TV show called “Charmed,” which probably very exciting for fans of Alyssa Milano.

What’d we take? Still nothing. Though we were tempted by what looked like some trashy romances based on the Charmed franchise. They seemed like they’d be hilarious to read out loud, but we passed. At the same time that one of us was investigating the LFL, the other of us was getting books at Chicago’s fantastic Myopic Books, which you should definitely check out next time you are in the Windy City. Maybe next week, LFL!

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