Little Free Library Update: 10-16-16

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The weather was once again (mostly) lovely this weekend in Montgomery. There was a bit of rain, but we still managed to walk the dog down to our neighborhood park, where our neighborhood association was having a free fall concert in the gazebo. Have we mentioned that our neighborhood association rocks? If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, you should totally get busy and organize one. You can do so many great things when everyone works together as a unit. Neighborhood associations are the best unit of hyper-local democracy, one of our most underrated civic structures. People mostly only complain about fees and dues, but the reality is, associations can have free concerts and help establish things like Little Free Libraries.

An LFL is just a box on a stick that we all agree to take care of. As a result, we’re writing about our neighborhood’s box on a stick each week, reviewing the contents. You can see part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and part 4 here.

What’d we leave? Last week we left behind a hardbound copy of McSweeney’s number 20.

This time, we left behind two periodicals known as comic books, plus a P.J. O’Rourke book.

Batman, Spider-Man, and Annoying Man

Batman, Spider-Man, and Annoying Man

The comics are fun, but inexpensive duplicates from the 1990s comic book. Hopefully, they will find a good home. The O’Rourke book was a gift from my dad, probably 20 years ago, in response to my participation in college policy debate, where apocalyptic impact scenarios were coin and currency of the realm. It is intended to be a comical response to the proliferation of doomsday scenarios, but comes across as a jock’s version of Libertarian dismissiveness about genuine tragedy. O’Rourke is amusing in small doses, but this book needed to move off the bookshelf to make room for more serious fare, and hopefully someone (not an elected official) will get a breezy and enjoyable read from it.

Was the book we left last week still there this week? Nope! McSweeney’s is great. Hopefully, the person who grabbed it will subscribe (as we do) and get a new treat in the mailbox every quarter of the year.

Anything notable gone from last time? Tom Clancy was claimed, which reminded us of this episode of The Simpsons, when they are at a book festival panel featuring Tom Clancy and Maya Angelou:

Lenny: [at the microphone] Uh yeah, I’m a techno-thriller junkie, and I’d like to know, is the B-2 bomber more detectible when it rains?

Kent Brockman: Oh, what do you think, Tom Clancy?

Tom Clancy Well, the B-2…

Lenny: No, no, no, I was asking Maya Angelou!

Maya Angelou: The ebony fighter awakens, dabbled with the dewy beads of morn.

Moe: Maya Angelou is black?

Maya Angelou: It is a Mach-5 child, forever bound to suckle from the shriveled breast of Congress.

Lenny: Oh, Maya, you’re a national treasure!

What else was in there? Those darned Charmed books are still in there. Four of them! Here’s a pic of the rest:




What’d we take? We didn’t take anything, but were far too casual with our glance into the LFL. Perhaps we were thrown off by the Field Guide to Redheads. Sigh.

It wasn’t until after we got home and looked at the photo that we realized that we had skipped over that Edward Abbey book. We will go back by there this afternoon and see if it’s still there. If it is, it’s coming home with us to sit alongside The Monkeywrench Gang (an all-time great) until we get around to reading it. Maybe we’ll leave a few more comics too!

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