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Veggie plate and salad

After doing our civic duty on election day, we decided to try one of downtown’s new lunch options. Just around the corner from the fantastic Savanna Tropical Cafe are two new spots: Touch of Soul Cafe and D’Road Cafe. On the day we went, Touch of Soul closed early for the election. We’re glad it’s not forever, because their food is really good.

But we’d been meaning to try D’Road’s new downtown location anyway, and since it’s right next door, we decided to check it out. We’re glad we did. The old Olive Room space is barely recognizable. They’ve done away with the dark and “elegant” (semi-spooky) vibe in there and made the space clean, bright and modern. It’s bigger than the original D’Road location, which we loved (and reviewed back in 2014).

When you go inside, a sign instructs you to seat yourself, grab a drink and go to the steamer table. We obeyed, depositing tea at our table. The server kindly walked us through the options. It’s designed to be a meat and three kind of experience. The day we were there, the meat options were a chicken dish and some kind of multi-meat casserole pie. As vegetarians, we were happy there were so many vegetable options – all meat-free, a nice touch in a town where pork is often viewed as a seasoning. We also got small plates of salad.

Plate with black beans

Plate with black beans

Back at our table, we dug in. There was a unique puree of orange vegetables: pumpkin, carrot and squash. It was tasty and not too sweet, feeling like good fall comfort food. The cabbage was delicious and flavorful, with just the right amount of crunch. Macaroni was not too cheesy, offering a refreshing take on a classic Southern lunch standby. It was also nice that there were black beans and rice – always good to see that there’s a protein option for vegetarians. Finally, there was a green bean and carrot mix that went well with everything else on the plate. The salad was crunchy and fresh-tasting, with just the right amount of some kind of unusual dressing.

Leaving, we felt full and healthy. The vegetables weren’t oversalted, the way they can be at some other places, and the portions were just right. The owner, Janet, came out to check on us during our meal. She’s kind of a celebrity in the local food scene, so we’re happy to see that her new venture is doing well. It wasn’t very full the day we went, so we’re hopeful that people are regularly coming out and supporting fantastic home-cooked food downtown. With three great lunch options on that one corner, we hope that downtown Troy students know how good they have it. We remember the bad old days when your only options were Lunde’s or Flames – a recipe for dissatisfaction. Here’s hoping that Janet and her crew continue to serve delicious food downtown for years to come!

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, 18 fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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