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Just when you think you’ve gotten to know your neighborhood, it sure can surprise you. It turns out that our beloved Cloverdale-Idlewild is brimming with artists. We found out when we saw an advertisement recently for something called the Cloverdale-Idlewild Art Trail, linking together five studios within walking distance of our house. We were intrigued, so we contacted organizer (and potter) Janice Prescott to find out more.

Prescott said that she and photographer Warren Simons had been to studio tours like this one in other areas. “They always seem to be fun for both artists and visitors. We know from our own experience that people like to see and buy art from people they know, and they like to see where artists live and work.”

They chose Cloverdale-Idlewild, according to Prescott, because it is “beautiful and walkable.” The neighborhood’s no stranger to open studios sales. Last year, Prescott and Simons had a successful open holiday studio and sale on Montezuma Road with a group of artists. Celeste Sabel, a member of the Central Alabama Renegade Potters (CARP) has had many open houses at her studio.
Looking around the neighborhood, they found five studios within walking distance from each other; everyone has joined forces to present a unique opportunity to check out locally made art – just in time for the holidays! The tour features the work of 15 local artists. It’s December 3 from 8-3, and December 4 from 12-2. Download the flyer here.

Participating artists include:

Celeste Sabel has been making art since childhood, but she has focused on pottery for the past 15 years, working in her own studio since 2005. She experiments with a variety of clays and firing methods, but she currently finds the most expression through wheel-thrown stoneware, high-fired in a gas kiln. She also enjoys making horse-hair and sagger-fired pottery. Celeste grew up in East Tennessee and has lived in the Cloverdale-Idlewild neighborhood for 34 years. A former lawyer, she is happy to be a full-time potter and has recently discovered the joys of grandmotherhood.

Janice Prescott never thought of herself as a 3-D kind of person until she discovered clay 15 years ago while living in New York City. She is mainly drawn to functional, wheel-thrown work, but also loves handbuilding. Before she moved to Cloverdale-Idlewild two years ago, she rented space and took classes in several studios in NYC. She enjoyed the camaraderie, but she is thrilled to have her own studio and to be firing her own kiln. She has recently transitioned from being a full-time editor and part-time potter to being a full-time potter and occasional editor.

Warren Simons practices the art of seeing, using his digital camera to communicate his take on the visual world. He uses a contemplative approach: calm, slow, deep observation without any preconception of what he might see. He has worked in this way for the past 13+ years. He lived in New York City for 25 years, and in the Cloverdale-Idlewild neighborhood for the last two years.

Darla Tiesling has been making art in some form all of her life. Her work has included jewelry, mobiles, glasswork, and carved walking sticks, and now she has incorporated a new medium: clay. Her art is strongly influenced by nature, and she often utilizes found objects. She has lived in Cloverdale-Idlewild for 15 years and set up her own studio about a year ago.

Caitlin Lollar is an abstract landscape painter and stationery designer. Her paintings seek to deepen a connection with the wondrous and unknown through nature. She owns Everbloom Paper, an online stationery shop featuring note cards, custom wedding invitations, and holiday cards with a unique botanical theme. She has lived in Cloverdale-Idlewild since 2013.

The tomberlincollective is one family, three artisans. Dan is an artist who draws with color—original art on paper with graphite, colored pencils, aqua media, watercolor and acrylic. Pat creates designs with fabric and needle—accessories, dolls and doll clothes, and small home décor items. Briana is a hair color stylist, jewelry designer, and “repurposer” of artifacts into creative arts and crafts. The Tomberlins, who often participate in arts and crafts fairs, have lived in Cloverdale-Idlewild for the past two years.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, 18 fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.
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