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Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.24.14 AMThe Old Alabama Town Revue announces its third show in this season. The performance starts at 7 p.m. in the church on Columbus Street in Old Alabama Town on February 2 — yep, Groundhog Day. To honor that momentous date the Old Alabama Revue Crue will sing a song about groundhogs. Of course the month of February is also known for Valentines Day. To recognize that most precious of emotions, love, the Old Alabama Town Revue Crue will look at love a bit differently. We hope our audience (whom we love) will love our new CD. Yes! The Old Alabama Town Revue CD, “The Song Challenge,” will premier during the February revue. We are confident enough to stick our necks out and predict (like that ole ground hog) that you will love love love it! It’s not every show that can combine Groundhog Day, Valentines Day and premiere a new CD! So many fun things.

“The Song Challenge” CD presents all original songs written for shows during 2015. Yours truly issued the challenge to write songs for a year, intending that they then would be recorded. The name and concept derives from a medieval legend about a group of German songwriters who (allegedly) gathered at Wartburg castle in 1207 and wrote for a year. The lord of the castle promised the hand of Lady Elizabeth in marriage. A prize indeed! However, the loser was to be executed by losing his head. Now, I have heard many a bad song in my day, but really, that does seem extreme. But, those were the days. As the inside of the CD reads regarding the modern song challenge: As far as is known, neither head nor heart was lost.

We truly hope you love these songs. Toni Wood has two bluesy numbers. One is about Montgomery, “City of Dreams,” and the other, “Dancing by the River,” is about love — ah there’s love again. The title is inspired from Marlin Barton’s short story of the same name. Stephen Bray graces the collection with a classic country number, “All About Nothin ‘Bout Love.” Rockin Larry Gobrecht’s song about missing a girl friend is a really fun tune: “Transcontinental Costa Rican Long Distance Lover’s Blues.” Timothy Henderson wrote several songs for the project. Faves include the humorous, “Blind Spot,” and the poignant “Almost Feel the Rain.” You can take your choice with Tim’s songs — sad love or happy love. My favorite song of mine is “Summer Love,”a kinda shuffle about a couple (hey that rhymes!) in Alabama.

To add to the special night, poet Ed George will read from his coffee poetry series, published by New South Books. His choices will be focused on music.

So what a show it will be. Groundhog song, love songs, poetry, and the new Old Alabama Town Revue CD premier. With so many fun things, you’d best make a note so that you. . .

Don’t forget your cushion!

Karren Pell is a writer, teacher, and performer who lives with her husband, Tim Henderson, and an assortment of cats and dogs in Capitol Heights. She is the author of three books. Her musical compositions range from commercial songs to theatrical works, with five musical adaptations to her credit.

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