New Owner, New Start for the Biscuits!

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We love to go to Biscuits games early in the season, when there’s still a touch of cool spring in the air, and every single professional baseball team is within striking distance of first place. The world is full of promise.

This year, we didn’t make it to our first Biscuits game until June, but we were nonetheless reminded of what a great asset to our town the team is. The Biscuits are like The Capri — every time we go, we leave wondering why we don’t go more often. A game is just such a great way to spend an evening, especially when the weather’s not yet crushingly hot. This year, we bought a six-pack of tickets, which is a great deal and comes with $20 worth of food vouchers and coupons for free barbecue. One of the cool things about having Biscuits tickets is that it really doesn’t matter when during the season you go to a game. You can, as we did, just bring in old tickets that you didn’t use and swap them for some new ones for the game you want to see. This process is very straightforward and easy, and we even got great seats in our favorite section (third base line). Although there weren’t a ton of people at the game, there were a lot of dogs – turns out that every Sunday game for the rest of the season is now a Bark in the Park game. We wish we’d known in advance – our dog sure loves to go to a game, and maybe sneak a french fry or two. Next time we’ll be sure to take her.

We ate veggie burgers for dinner at the park, perfectly enhanced (mustard, jalapenos and diced raw onions). We actually think they’re the best veggie burgers in town, and one of the city’s top food items in general. It may have something to do with the way they’re cooked, or maybe it’s just that food in general tastes better at the ballpark. They’ve got new large souvenir cups this year, so we got one of those and a bottle of water. Pro tip: You can refill your water bottle, and they’ll even let you bring in an empty one if you remember.

The team had a rough night of it – we didn’t stay till the end, but the Biscuits were pretty well behind the Lookouts when we left. This despite having six Southern League All-Stars on this year’s team. Maybe it just wasn’t our night. In any case, the fans around us were pretty into the game, and there was a lot of cheering when things went right, even extending to a raucous round of boos when the crowd felt like the umpire blew a call at first base. We did see one of the more hilarious things either of us has ever seen at a ballpark when a man one section over bent at the waist in anticipation of a descending foul ball. Did he think it would have been better for the ball to strike his spine or the soft place at the base of his skull? We’ll never know. It was astonishing technique. Wish we had it on video.

We wanted to get a program, but it turns out that the old-style glossy programs are only online now. The team instead distributes free paper rosters, and some of the best game notes we’ve ever seen at a minor league game. There are plenty of details, and the free notes are a nice way to democratize access to the roster and nerdy baseball stats without forcing fans to shell out for a program. One of the best things about baseball is that you can enjoy it without knowing anything about the players, stats and standings, but there are also plenty of layers if you want to dig deeper.

We uploaded the roster as a PDF that you can download here, and this is a PDF sample of the game notes you can check out.

They’ve also got some cool new merchandise in the store (the Biscuit Basket), and one of us finally bought a Biscuits shirt after eight years of going to games because she finally found one that she liked.

In any case, as you may have heard, the team’s under new ownership now, and they’re having a “relaunch” weekend that starts on Thursday with live music and a “human cannonball,” which we’re pretty excited about. We’ve never seen one of those before. Plus, it’s Thirsty Thursday, so there will be cheap beer! Deontay Wilder will be in the house Friday. We’re not sure what new ownership (a professional boxing promoter who owns another minor league team in Richmond, Virginia) will mean for the team. But if the planned events for this weekend are any indication, they want to get people out to the park and to have a good time.

We’re in. We’ll be back to at least five more games this season. Summer in Montgomery’s not complete without some time cheering for the Biscuits, and we’re always happy to go eat some good food and watch some baseball, even when the team is struggling. Summer’s long. “The Skitz” are only five games out of first place, and there’s still plenty of time to turn things around!

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, 14 fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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