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With a beloved relative in town, we were looking for a lunch place that would impress. But we also needed it to be pretty quick. So we went over to the new Island Delight location on Dexter last week, and we had a great experience. If you’ve only been to the location out by Maxwell, the two places have little in common besides great food. While the original location near the Air Force base is small, and in a neighborhood that doesn’t show many signs of economic development, the new Island Delight is bright, big and vibrant.

The menu is surprisingly large, and we were pleased to see that they even had a special separate laminated menu on the table for vegans. We’re not vegan, but we do love the simulated meats, so we ordered the fake goat curry and the fake pepper steak. Our companion had jerk chicken in a wrap that was served with a side of some chicken soup.

The food took a little longer to prepare, our server explained, because the vegan entrees are made to order. But he kept our delicious pineapple lemonade filled up, and we were happy to soak in the busy atmosphere of the place while we waited. After all, there just aren’t that many places in Montgomery that make vegan dishes on demand. Each dish came with two sides, plus your choice of rice and peas or white rice. We both went with the rice and peas and the cabbage. The cabbage was buttery and amazing, the rice and peas gently seasoned and a nice accompaniment to our main dishes.

The fake goat curry is a real star of a dish. We’re pretty sure those were veggie burger pieces braised in a rich sauce – whatever they were, they were delicious. The pepper steak was basically stir-fried seitan with onions and peppers. It could have used a little more cooking time, because it was a little rubbery. But still, it was protein and we were hungry. Our companion pronounced the soup delicious, and enjoyed her wrap – which was so big she took the other half home with her. Notably, the jerk was not too spicy for her – good news for the spice-averse. The hot sauce on the table was not as hot as we would have liked, and nothing compared to the home-made hot sauce they’ve got over at Savanna, but it was better than nothing.

For a while now, we’ve been saying that Montgomery’s really upped its game for lunch downtown, and Island Delight is a great addition to a good mix that already includes the likes of Touch of Soul, D’Road and Savanna. They seem to have the service game figured out, too – the day we were there, we parked right across the street and walked over. We were greeted by a hostess and seated right away. They were turning over tables like crazy, as a diverse crowd feasted on huge chicken platters and plates full of veggies.

We hope that people will continue to support the restaurant’s second location. It’s been worth waiting for, and we continue to marvel at the ongoing transformation of Dexter.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with one cat, a dog, ten fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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