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My rescue efforts have been busy lately with dogs coming in and dogs finding homes, and I have been thinking of all the different needs that the dogs have, and the ways I have learned to help them. I want to share with you some things that I have tried and some tips that I can endorse that might just make your life and the life of your dog better. Because face it – if the dog is unhappy, so are we!

DAY CARE – If your dog is bored, destructive or anxious when left alone during the day, day care might be just the ticket. There are many options around town to choose from. River Paws Pet Resort is downtown and convenient to drop off and pick up if you work in the area. MVA on Carter Hill is also convenient to many. Taylor Crossing is my choice for those who live or work on the east side. Dogs come home from day care tired and ready to chill, which means you can, too!

SUPPLEMENTS – Tired of medicating your dog’s allergies and other minor issues with pharmaceuticals? Call Teresa at Vitamins Plus and let her tell you about alternative options. My senior dogs are all on Qi Blends’ “Feel Young Again” and “Muscle and Joint.” Teresa knows so much about healing and can really help you decide what is best for your pet.

CANINE MASSAGE THERAPY – Montgomery has one of only three licensed canine massage therapists in the state! Angela Jones of Midtown Massage was recently certified to work on dogs. Her human massages are awesome and I know her canine massages are as well. So if your dog played too hard, is arthritic, or stressed, call Angela and make an appointment.

CANINE CULINARY – Pet Supermarket is having a great sale on high quality dog food! Check the tables up front. A good source of information on dog food comes from Many of the 4 and 5 star brands are on sale there now. Pet Supermarket is a friendly, well stocked store, right there on Perry Hill. Stock up on this dog food while the prices are 50 percent off!

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS – My go-to for these issues is our very own dog whisperer, Brian Vinti. Every person I know who has used Brian is amazed at the connection he has with dogs, and the effectiveness of his training. No matter the issue, he can help in a non-aggressive, patient way. He comes to you, which is convenient too. Look Brian up on Vinti’s Animal Training page on Facebook.

Last but not least, support a local rescue. You will be helping save a life, which is a pretty cool thing to do. Foster, donate, transport, or adopt. There are so many ways to contribute, and it will make your heart bigger. And that is what life is all about!

Lynne Burford is a lifelong animal advocate who has been rescuing since she was a little girl. From birds and snakes to raccoons and foxes, she has rehabilitated and released back into the wild many orphaned and injured creatures. For the last ten years her focus has been on fostering and volunteering with rescues to place dogs into permanent and loving homes. Aside from various sizes of foster dogs, she owns a small pack of chihuahuas.

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