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More than eight years! Crazy!

We started at the end of April 2010 with a post about Tomatino’s.

That restaurant is now in a new location, but makes delicious pizza! And you can get coffee there at Cafe Louisa too!

Some of the original writers from eight years ago are still with us and going strong. Some folks have moved on. Some of the places we have written about are still open. Others have closed their doors for good. To date, we’ve posted around 925 times. The editors are Kate and Stephen, and we try to post every Monday. We find that the requirement to post once a week forces us out of routines and out into our city. We usually collaborate on our posts, although one person may take the lead in the writing from week to week. We share a byline. Our other authors (at least so far) are solo acts.

We don’t do a whole lot of “meta” posts here at MML. Talking about the blog in the abstract is never as interesting as just working on producing interesting content and posting it (and engaging on social media). If the posts are well written (and somewhat decently circulated), people will comment and/or share the posts and things will just take care of themselves.

So far, they have. We have more Twitter followers than Facebook page likes, which surprised us a little. But we’re not obsessive about analytics. If you put good stuff out there for long enough, the right people will find it.

However, based on some email we’ve gotten, we thought we’d put up a post that talks a little about the blog and how to maximize your MML experience.


How to write for MML: Well, for starters, we post roughly three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is sometimes fluid, depending on how prompt our writers are with submissions and whether we are on holiday or out of town. But mostly you can count on reading three posts per week. Our topics are wide-ranging, but we always try to have a Montgomery-based theme. We are particularly interested in “Midtown” Montgomery, which excludes the far-flung parts of the city that have developed as a part of urban sprawl.

Think you want to be on the production calendar with our other writers? Want more people to read your words and hear your Montgomery-themed ideas? midtownmontgomeryliving at gmail dot com.

You can be alerted to new posts by liking MML on Facebook or by following us on Twitter. Every time we put up a new post, we will circulate it through these channels. And we’d appreciate your help in circulating our stuff through these channels too. We get new readers every time you share a post, like it, re-tweet it, etc. We love and appreciate comments on the blog itself, or by way of any of the social media platforms.

“What about a post about …?” Great. We love tips. We can’t always get to them, but we have written some great posts on the basis of tips from our readers. Please send them to midtownmontgomeryliving at gmail dot com.

“Who makes this possible?” We’re very grateful to Sandra Nickel and the folks at Hat Team Realtors for sponsoring MML. Not only do we get to read Sandra’s musings about Montgomery and get her insight into the real estate market, but our readers can have an experience that’s largely virtually entirely ad-free. Sandra has an endless supply of expertise about property and has linked us into a network of well-established writers with an invaluable archive of knowledge about Montgomery. And she lets us keep the site design uncluttered and user-friendly.

We’re also always keeping our eye out for new writers. Have some writing experience? Looking to get some? Know someone who wants to write? Drop us a line (midtownmontgomeryliving at gmail dot com) with a bit of info about your experience and what you’re looking to do. We provide the editing and the occasional post ideas. You do the writing and get to impress your friends, family, and a city full of strangers. We believe Montgomery is great and want to both document it and lift it higher with our writing.

Thanks for reading!

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