My Home Sweet Home: Capitol Heights

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Tuesday evening, August 7, 2018, was National Night Out. National Night Out is a designated event to meet and greet the members of the police and fire fighting force who work hard to keep our neighborhoods safe, and are there to help when that safety is breached. Tim & I almost did not go because of the heat. But there was that big storm complete with thunder and wind that seemed to sweep the heat away. So we put our older dog, Dolly, in her stroller (yes, you read right) and our new dog, Trevor, on his leash, and walked down to Armstrong Park. We ate hot dogs, ice cream, and popcorn for dinner. Even the dogs got a hot dog. We listened to some great music by our friends, the Standing Stones, who were safety set up in the pavilion. A few years ago several of us worked diligently to get the pavilion built, and we enjoy it all year round. Children played on the swings and the bouncy house. I saw so many friends and neighbors I had not seen in months. It was a fabulous gathering.

So National Night Out was a big success, but what I am writing about in this blog is that that was just one night. My neighborhood gathers for July 4th, Labor Day, Springfest, Christmas, and probably some more I am leaving out. We have a Christmas event, and a yearly yard sale. A newsletter goes out monthly to keep everyone in the know. The neighborhood association meets monthly to plan these activities, keep members informed, and address neighborhood concerns. Capitol Heights is not just where we live–it is our home. And those who live here are our friends and neighbors.

Capitol Heights is a historic neighborhood. Started in 1908, it was one of the first communities built outside the city offering a slice of “country living” close to downtown business. That arrangement became feasible with the advent of the city trolleys–thus creating some of the first commuters. Capitol Heights is not Montgomery’s only historic neighborhood. Cloverdale was developed about the same time. Highland Park was a tad earlier. Cottage Hill existed before the Civil War; Centennial Hill was built right after. All of these neighborhoods offer comfortable, renovated, historic homes, beautiful parks, and that neighborhood feeling. Montgomery is fortunate to have these neighborhoods. There were others that have been lost. In fact, Highland Park is currently in need of some support.

These communities, like all residential communities, need the support of their city officials. However, historic neighborhoods have specific needs in terms of renovations, and reclamation of abused and neglected properties. Historic Neighborhoods have a lot to offer the city at large: preservation of architectural styles, community and city history, and established landscaping; comfortable and affordable housing; pleasant visages for travelers on their way to our new downtown; and a frame, or in some case (such as Cottage Hill and the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice) a location for important tourist destinations.

So-back to my main point: I love my neighborhood, Capitol Heights. I encourage any reader looking for a home to come check our available properties in Capitol Heights. In fact, there is an adorable, completely renovated bungalow on my street at the corner of St. Charles and North Lewis. I’m planning a dessert potluck for the block at the first hint of fall. Picture yourself sitting in a comfortable chair on a wide front porch with friends and neighbors eating apple crunch or the season’s last peach cobbler. This is the way we live–come be a part of it.

The songwriter from long ago (John Howard Payne) and Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ said it best: “There’s No Place Like Home.” And to paraphrase regarding my Home Sweet Home–There’s no place like Capitol Heights.

Karren Pell is a writer, teacher, and performer who lives with her husband, Tim Henderson, and an assortment of cats and dogs in Capitol Heights. She is the author of three books. Her musical compositions range from commercial songs to theatrical works, with five musical adaptations to her credit.


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