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Readers, we have done you a grave disservice. We have driven down Mulberry Street hundreds of times but only recently have we made our first venture into the Mystical Treasures Emporium. Perhaps you’ve passed it by as well. It’s the purple building on the left as you go toward the freeway from Carter Hill. We always kind of assumed that it was closed because, well, it kind of looks like it is closed.

And then a trusted friend was positively evangelical about its virtues and welcoming atmosphere, so we decided to give it a visit. You park around back and walk up some wooden steps into the shop. There’s a fully wrapped maypole out there. Also several piles of cat food. We met one of the local cats, presumably a diner in residence, who was nice but also kept their distance.

It’s terrible that it took us so long to investigate this local treasure. It’s a cornucopia crammed to the rafters with all kinds of fascinating merchandise. And if you can’t find some mystical treasures in here, you’re just not looking hard enough. In the first place, there is basically an entire room devoted to incense. It may be the single largest (or at least most diverse) incense selection we have ever seen. And, shamefully, we’ve been buying our Nag Champa on the Internet. No longer. Next time we’ll sample a few of the offerings here. Though, fair warning, the smell is pretty intense. In a good way, we thought.

Other goods on offer included loose teas (we bought some chai), candles (both the illuminating and supernatural kind), beautiful textiles and bumper stickers. The store also boasts what must be Montgomery’s nicest selection of jewelry outside the soulless and mass produced Zales-Jared variety. Options range from budget-priced sugar skulls to considerably more expensive (and stunning) mounted minerals and gemstones. We especially loved the ammonite pendants, but saved them for another day’s splurge.

A series of bins contain polished rocks of various kinds. Our recent trip to the Gem and Mineral Show over at Garrett Coliseum has given us a new appreciation for these wonders of nature. And we weren’t the only admirers of the selection – a young boy was choosing carefully for his collection while we were there. We may not know much about stones, but the Mystical Emporium had us covered, with a gigantic (seriously, many hundreds of pages) reference guide to different minerals and their usefulness.

There’s also a room devoted to books and an impressive variety of tarot cards. Many of the books deal with the interpretation of natural phenomena, spirituality and strategies for peaceful existence in the world. There are also books about witchcraft. We were pleased to find all of these categories, as we are generally of the opinion that cultural and spiritual homogeneity are boring and generally to society’s detriment. It’s so good to find out that Montgomery’s reading options aren’t limited to whatever populist dreck gets stocked at Books-A-Million or the interesting but hit-or-miss jetsam that washes up at Trade-N-Books. If you have even a passing interest in the arcane, Mystical Treasures is likely to be able to accommodate.

This is the kind of meticulously curated retail experience that you just can’t get from filling an online shopping cart and paying a surcharge for shipping. This is the kind of place where Earth-loving granola enthusiasts can make polite small talk in the aisles with spell-weaving dream interpreters and cloak-wearing philosophers.

Although we only bought the chai, we’ll definitely be back. We saw at least a dozen things that would make excellent gifts for friends, or things for ourselves. And the guy who owns the place is super nice and extremely hilarious. The Mystical Treasures Emporium is itself a treasure, and a great reminder that, even after we’ve lived here for a decade, Montgomery still has secrets to uncover.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with two cats, a dog, ten fish, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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