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Sadly, this was the largest flag the Fire Department could find. Photo by Stephen Stetson.

Alabama summers get a bad rap. People who don’t live here shudder at the idea of all this heat and humidity – especially folks from out West who basically faint if the humidity gets above 5% or so. Sure, there are some days when you don’t want to move a muscle, except those needed to keep your iced tea glass refilled. But even on those days those days, a breeze or a few stray clouds can bring a promise across your porch, a momentary coolness that reminds you of how lucky you are to live in a place that’s so teemingly green.

Evening events are where it’s at during Montgomery summers – a little air conditioning and a good movie, a summer dress and a cool drink outside, and baseball. Lots of baseball. We’ve been marking up our calendars with a few things we’re looking forward to this summer, and thought we’d share with MML readers.

We’ve already reserved our planners for June 30th when The Capri shows Jailhouse Rock. As with basically every Elvis movie, he plays some version of himself (or, as in the magnificent Kissin’ Cousins, more than one version of himself). For an Elvis flick, though, this one’s pretty risque. He says “hell” and is filmed (gasp) lying in bed with the heroine. Also, of course, he spends time in jail – presumably coming up with ideas for dance sequences.

And as much as we are interested in the strange iconography of Elvis, we are not likely to go see the Shakespeare Festival’s “Elvis: The Early Years,” which is scheduled for two performances in August. That event will star (obviously) an Elvis impersonator who also headlines a “musical play” about Elvis written by the lady who played Corabeth Godsey on The Waltons. With the Montgomery Performing Arts Center bringing in the Fab 4 Beatles “tribute band” back in March and now an Elvis impersonator headlining the Shakespeare Festival, maybe Montgomery can continue to cash in on the nostalgia circuit by importing other simulated bands.

“The King” aside, it promises to be a good summer for the Capri. On July 2nd, Beth Nielsen Chapman will be performing at a special benefit for the Capri Community Film Society. And there are lots of good movies on the way. We are especially psyched to see that Cave of Forgotten Dreams is coming, even if it won’t be in 3-D. We’re also looking forward to the Montgomery Film Festival on July 16. Last year’s short films ranged from the totally amazing to the completely mortifying. On the plus side, they’re really short, so if you don’t like one you don’t have to wait very long for another. Also, we like the children’s matinees that are running through the end of July. We’re bummed that they run in the middle of the day when we are at work, but we’re hopeful to be able to sneak away to catch one or two of them. We’re especially interested in Megamind and Despicable Me, both of which are the sorts of movies that we’d avoid in the big commercial theaters but might be likely to enjoy (especially if they weren’t in the middle of the day on a Thursday and a Friday).

Want something that doesn’t involve sitting and watching? The downtown Pub Crawl is July 1st. We’ve never been, but it promises to be quite a madhouse. The first night of a holiday weekend? With drink specials? Cover is $5, which isn’t so bad when you consider all the discounted beer that buys you. One very cool part of this year’s crawl is discounted admission to the Hank Williams Museum (it’s usually a steep $8, but will be only $1 from 6-8, and they’re promising to serve shots).

We’ve been going to a lot of Biscuit games recently and, frankly, you should be too. The stadium’s just a great place to see a game, and the team needs your support. We’ve got some pretty good pitching this year – Archer, Bush and Moore have all impressed us – but our bats are not so good. When you go, cheer extra hard for Kang, Mayora and Vogt, who are working really hard to keep the team above water. July 4th the Biscuits are playing at home, and there’s gonna be a massive fireworks show after. You don’t have to go to the game to see the show – the city’s opening up the Riverwalk after dark that night for folks to hang around and celebrate America’s defeat of the British. In August, when it’s really hot, if you’re not at the beach, it’s worth checking out the return of the Dragon Boat races on August 27th down by the river. Last year we saw a good local band nail an epic Neil Young cover there, and this year we might even stay for more races. If you’re interested in rowing, their website says that some teams are still looking for folks to join up.

Kate and Stephen are Midtown residents with a cat, a dog, a garden, an old house and a sense of adventure. They write about life in Midtown here and about life in Montgomery at their blog Lost in Montgomery.

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